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Amazing foods to have in your kitchen cabinet for a better diet

Gluten free

There are food substances, which we ignore to add in our diet or are ignorant about their benefits. Including these in your daily diet can improve your health drastically here are a few examples.

Try dry fruits for a better health

The fact that the shelf life of dry fruits is much more than the fresh fruits, they can be easily packed and taken along. Mountaineers and hikers keep a supply of dried fruits with them. These provide vitamins, minerals and fiber essential to the body.

The only thing that dry fruits have more than fresh fruits, which you may not want, is calories. Hundred grams of dried plums contains 240 calories, while hundred grams of fresh plum has mere 46 calories.

Half a cup of dried apples contains 3.5 grams of fiber and lesser calories as compared to other dry fruits. Dried apples are a good choice for the calorie conscious people. Similarly, there are numerous other dry fruits with a host of benefits.

The wonders called sea veggies for better health

An interesting fact about the sea vegetables is that they possess a higher amount of minerals than the vegetables grown on land. The veggies grown on land are a victim of soil demineralization. Sea vegetables have all the important elements requisite for human health, some 56 in number.

Research has revealed that a consumption of sea veggies on a regular basis minimizes the risk of several diseases and facilitates the exit of various toxins from the body. McGill University, Canada has established that sea veggies combine ‘radioactive pollutants’ and ‘heavy metals’ and removes them from the body.

These veggies will help you maintain your weight, as they have a very few calories but a good amount of fiber and essential minerals. Sea vegetables have a number of other benefits like they make the bones, teeth, hair strong, minimize the risk of tumors, improve digestion, lower cholesterol levels and they even have the anti-aging properties.

Gluten-ridden grains for a healthier you

Gluten free grains provide tremendous health benefits, these can be consumed by people at large and those who suffer from ‘wheat allergy”. Selenium, zinc, iron rich Buckwheat is a super source of proteins. Millets have a large amount of magnesium and other minerals. One more super-grain is Oats, these regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, prevent heart diseases, minimize stress and a host of other benefits. A healthy body will possess a healthy mind and a healthy mind will lead to happiness.

Include these amazing common food items in your diet to give your health a boost and live a healthy and happy life.

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