A Few Easy Steps For Washing Face Effectively

Everyone aspires to look and feel good. And washing one’s face is perhaps one of the first step towards it. It’s important to realize that washing one’s face in a right way and on a regular basis ensures a glowing, clean and healthy skin for a longer period. Follow these easy steps to wash your face and get a healthy and glowing skin.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Resources Required:

1. Cotton balls
2. A good moisturizing cream
3. Warm water
4. A mild soap or soft moisturizer


Step 1: The first thing to do before washing your face is to remove any makeup that you have put on with the help of a fresh cotton ball. It’s good to use a mild moisturizer while wiping off any makeup from your face.
Step 2: Always use mildly warm water for washing your face. If you ever wash your face with water that is either too hot or too cold, it could lead to broken capillaries.
Step 3: In case, you use soap make sure that it is mild. Generally, cleansers consist of water, oil and surfactants. A strong soap will dry up your skin causing loss of essential natural lipids. It is always better to go for a soap free face wash. The important thing is to know your skin type and a choose a face wash that either does not dry up your skin unnaturally or makes it too oily. Unwarranted oil on the skin will cause blockage of pores.
Step 4: It is good to massage your face gently during washing. The best way to do so is to utilize your fingertips and make soft rotating upward motions on your face.
Step 5: Rinse your face thoroughly.
Step 6: Use a fresh and soft towel to clean your face. It’s important to use a clean towel to prevent bacterial infections. Always pat your face dry instead of rubbing it. Too much rubbing causes skin damage and irritation.
Step 7: After washing and rinsing, the next step is toning. Always check the ingredients of the toner before using, it should be completely alcohol-free. Astringents and toners that have glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids are good. They actually decrease the size of the pores on the skin.
Step 8: Finally, after toning you need to administer a dose of moisturizer. A good moisturizer will restore natural oils lost during the washing, rinsing and toning process. Moisturizers with aloe vera or vitamin E extracts are very good. Acne prone skin should be administered with light moisturizers. The best way to figure out how much moisturizer is required for your skin type is to gauge how tight your skin feels after a wash. But of course refrain from over moisturizing, that can block the pores on your skin.

Quick Tips:

1. Use mild warm water
2. Refrain from using strong soap bars and cleansers
3. Rinse the face thoroughly, make sure that the face is free of any soap or face wash
4. Pat dry your face with a fresh and clean towel
5. Apply a soft moisturizing cream
6. Massage your face gently

Things To Watch Out For:

1. Use a gentle face wash and avoid harsh soap bars
2. Massage and rinse gently, excessive rubbing may cause permanent skin damage
3. Use a clean, bacteria free face towel
4. Pick an alcohol free toning lotion
5. Use a light moisturizer, excessive oil on the skin will cause pore clogging

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