8 Simple tips to get you committed to your daily workout routine

Planning a daily workout routine is only half the job well done. You would need to stick to this daily routine come what may. Sadly, this is where many individuals tend to falter in their weight loss goals. Not to worry though, for here are 8 excellent tips that will help you stick to your workout routine religiously with ease.

Threaten yourself


Start off by threatening yourself about the ill effects of remaining overweight. Keep telling yourself that a sedentary lifestyle will only lead to an increased mortality risk. Remind yourself that all it takes is an hour or so of exercise every day to remain healthy and fit for many more years to come.

Start small and slow

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Rather than kick starting your training with cardio vascular workouts and high intense exercises, start slow and small. Start with jogging and run for a quarter of a mile the first day. Increase this to half a mile the next day, a mile the next and so on. Start including other forms of exercises to your routine with time. This will allow your body to adjust to the routine gradually rather than getting all sore and injured on the first day itself.

Do what you enjoy


Rather than doing an exercise that does not interest you, consider doing something that you find enjoyable. For instance, if you find cardio vascular training too stressful, consider dancing or swimming. Although not as effective as cardio workouts, these exercises will help you reach your weight loss goals effectively as well. Also make it a point to mix and match different routines so that you don’t end up getting bored with the same old routine and leave it altogether.

Maintain a log

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There is nothing better than looking down at that weighing scale by the end of a month or so and seeing that you have lost weight. Make it a point to maintain a log of all the activities you do and the calories you consume on a daily basis. Also keep recording your weight at regular intervals. This will enable you to notice the gradual results in the long run, thus motivating yourself to continue with your workouts.

Consider buddying up

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If you find it hard to work alone, consider partnering with a buddy with similar weight loss goals. In addition to enjoying the workouts more, this will motivate you to continue as you and your buddy encourage each other to do better.

Switch buddies frequently

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If you are already training with someone, consider switching your training partner at regular intervals. Chances are you may become used to training with your current partner and start finding excuses to skip workout sessions when not in the mood. A new partner will keep you motivated and on track even if you tend to lose interest.

Follow a flexible workout schedule

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While sticking to a daily workout routine is mandatory, it is not necessary that you exercise at the same time every day. Follow a flexible workout schedule, working out whenever you feel like it during the day. Note that this flexibility only extends to the timing during the day and not the daily routine itself.

Plan workouts well in advance

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Create an exercise plan that would include details of what exercises you plan to do every day. This way, you won’t waste time in deciding on your workout plan every day. Include backup plans for the days when it is raining outdoors or when you have a sudden meeting you need to attend. This way, you can ensure that you meet your weekly weight loss goals no matter what.

Sticking to an exercise routine need not necessarily be a hard task. From partnering with buddies and keeping logs of your exercise routine to exercising on your own time and doing something you like, these tips will help you stick to your workout routine with ease.

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