8 Healthy breakfast alternatives for a magnificent start to your day

A lot of individuals tend to skip breakfast thinking that they would lose weight in the process. However, this is not true at all. Breakfast can be considered as the most important meal of the day as it kick-starts your body metabolism and dictates the way your body would respond the entire day. As such, it is imperative that you have a healthy breakfast every morning to remain fit and energetic in the long run. Here are 8 such breakfast choices that would make your breakfast the healthiest meal of the day.


Eggs in breakfast

Studies have attributed weight loss to eggs. It has been found that those who eat eggs regularly for breakfast tend to lose weight more successfully than those who opt for junk food. In addition to energizing the body and keeping it energized for longer intervals, eggs have minimal impact on cholesterol levels. This makes them the best choice for those who want a healthy, filling breakfast every morning.

Whole Grains

Sack with linseed and spoon

Skip the standard flour derivatives and move on to whole grains. It has been found out that eating whole grains for breakfast on a regular basis can keep you full for many hours, thus curbing sudden hunger pangs effectively. The high fiber content of whole grains helps improve digestion, thus preventing conditions like obesity, gas and stomach bloating in the long run.

Greek Yogurt

 Greek Yogurt

Having a cup of Greek yogurt every day will provide your body with the necessary calcium and protein it needs to remain full for the entire morning. The best variant would need to be one that is plain and fat free. You can choose to add some fruits for natural sweetness and flavor.



Studies have revealed that eating a grapefruit first thing in the morning would help you remain full for the entire morning and lose weight in the process as well. Grapefruit contains fat burning properties as well as hydrating properties that keep the body moisturized and full. The high levels of antioxidantspresent in grapefruits also help flush out harmful toxins from the body, thus aiding in weight loss.



Flaxseed contains very high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that can turn your breakfast into a power packed, nutrient rich meal. Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy for the heart, and just a spoonful of flax seed can provide your body with more than 100% of the nutrient to get through the entire day without another snack. Flax seed also contains fiber and antioxidants that help eradicate harmful toxins which could otherwise lead to fat accumulation in the body.

Fruit Shakes

Fruit Shake

Rather than your regular cup of coffee or tea, consider starting your mornings with a fruit shake. You can use any fruit of your choice and opt for skimmed milk or soy milk. Blend the fruit and milk to form a thick shake. Top it off with a frozen banana or some strawberries and you have a protein packed breakfast snack that will keep you revitalized throughout the entire morning.


Female hand holding a mushroom

If you prefer having eggs for breakfast, consider adding some mushrooms for the omelet toppings. Mushrooms contain a high amount of omega 3 fatty acids that would increase your weight loss chances by more than 26%. Mushrooms also contain loads of Vitamin D which is linked to reduced obesity in individuals. So make sure you add this weight busting food to your breakfast meals on a regular basis.

Green Tea

green tea

If you still prefer tea, we recommend green tea. Loaded with antioxidants galore, green tea has more than one benefit for the body. In addition to flushing out free radicals from the body, green tea would help dissolve fatty deposits in the body. A cup of green tea a day would start you on the path to weight loss in no time at all.

Having a healthy breakfast is essential to kick starting your day in the right manner. Choosing healthy alternatives can therefore, provide you with enough energy to last through the day and lose weight in the process as well.

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