7 Healthy workstation foods

Roasted almonds and walnuts

For many of us “Work is worship”. We work continuously for hours and hours. It’s because we believe that we are known to everyone by the work we do. Holding a good designation does bring a good name to us and our family members. But at the same time, we avoid to take care of our health. To avoid such situations and diseases, we must incorporate mini-meals while we are at work in our office. This will surely keep the diseases at bay. Read on well to know about all the healthy food items that you can munch at the workstation.

1. Green tea

Green tea

Green tea is very popular for its good affects on our health. Apart from providing immunity against the diseases like diabetes, cancer and dental disorders, it also combats stress by cooling our brain and nerve cells as it is rich in anti-oxidants. It helps in weight loss by increasing the rate of metabolism. Far better than the regular tea that you sip, try out green tea that also promotes good skin. It can be kept in the drawer of your table.

2. Roasted Almonds and Walnuts

Both the nuts are believed to increase the level of concentration while you are at work. These nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. These nuts also control acidity, fight stress and promote the texture of skin and make the skin soft. You can simply store a limited quantity of these nuts in an airtight container to keep the moisture away.

3. Fruits


Fruits are the wonder foods and are a complete package of minerals, vitamins, fibers and anti-oxidants. Fruits have the capacity to rejuvenate and refresh you. They work in a more efficient way when the pressure pops in. hence, fruits are the best stress busters.

4. Oats cookies

Oats contain insoluble and soluble fiber content and these classes of fibers prevent cardiac problems, cancers, stomach ailments and blood sugar levels. You can keep them in your drawer and have them at anytime when you feel like. The fibers of oats help in improving digestion and also combat stress. This snack energizes you while you are working at the workstation.

5. Multigrain biscuits

Multi-grain biscuits

Multigrain biscuits are like oat cookies only; containing all the goodness of different kinds of grains. They taste good and are a good option if you want to take a break from the daily snacks that you always munch.

6. Popcorn

Popcorn are a favorite snacks for a majority of people. If you are really fond of munching something or the other while you are at work, nothing else can serve you as better as popcorn. Popping up the popcorn is even healthier at home rather than getting them from the market place, as this lets you to keep the extra fat away and the taste can be kept intact. All you have to do is to air blow your corn and then add a pinch of salt to reduce the fat content. Popcorns are rich in fiber and serve as very efficient filler when you feel hunger pangs.

7. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are preferred over milk chocolates because of a certain benefits that they provide. In fact, there are a number of people who go with the notion that chocolates are sinful and increase the body weight, but having dark chocolates once in a blue moon is not harmful. Dark chocolates are efficient in managing high levels of blood pressures and also improving the levels of blood circulation. In fact, they are placed top in the list of stress busters. Dark chocolates relieve you from depression and getting over an emotional stress, as they contain anti-oxidant element.

Even the machines need fuel in the form of lubricants and rest to keep running. We are also the machines inbuilt with flesh and require energy from time to time. The whole world is after food; a profession or a work is not suitable for you if it does not let you take proper food on time. So, do not compromise with your health at anytime. There are numerous options available that you can opt for and enjoy a healthy living.

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