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7 Health Tips To Stop Overeating Forever

Stop Overeating Forever

You may want to discontinue your binge eating disorder because you are putting on weight, facing health issues or simply need to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, getting rid of your overeating habit isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Sure, you will definitely need to make some amends and sacrifices on your part on day-to-day affairs, but the long-term effects of it will be blissful and quite rewarding. We have laid down 7 tips to stop overeating forever if you suffer from this common disorder. Let’s go!

Know the difference between bored and hungry:

difference between bored and hungryMany times, we eat simply to pass the time, or because we have nothing better to do. This is the worst form of overeating. The next time you have an impulse to do something like that, ask yourself “Would I eat an apple right now if I had one?”

If the answer is yes, then you are genuinely hungry. If not, you are simply eating because it is a snack you like or maybe you are simply plain bored. Eating when bored can quickly become a habit difficult to get rid of. Avoid eating when watching TV, reading, or even when you are generally sitting down and talking in a group.

Reduce portion sizes:

Instead of cutting off certain foods overnight from your diet completely, reduce their portion sizes. This will trick your body into believing that you are still having those foods, but their harm will be considerably reduced. This is one of the most practical tips to stop overeating forever.

Gradually decrease your portion sizes, reduce the frequency of unhealthy meals, and then move on to cutting them off completely. This will not just address your overeating habit but will also improve your overall health in the long run.

Include plenty of fibrous foods:

orangesFoods rich in fibre are recommended to people looking to lose excess body fat and maintain a healthy weight since fibre aids in healthy bowel movement. Not only that, fibre leaves you with an intense feeling of satiation that prohibits you from eating on the go.

Therefore, this is one of those tips to stop overeating forever that works equally well for people who want to get rid of their habit of overeating. Having fibrous foods like apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, barley, beans, and oats will fill you up immediately and for a longer time, thereby ‘curing’ you of overeating.

Eat a protein-rich breakfast:

source of vital nutrientsBreakfast is rightly called the most important meal of the day. And a protein-rich breakfast, like eggs and white meat, is crucial in helping you gain a head start to the rest of your day. Protein not only does help you put on more lean muscle mass but also aids in digestion.

It takes a longer while for your body to break down protein into amino acids than it takes to break down carbs and simple sugars. Loading on proteins in your breakfast itself ensures that you remain full for a good part of the day thereby controlling your overeating and binge eating disorder urges.

Prefer eating whole foods:

Lose-Weight-FastWhole foods like fresh fruits and veggies, whole wheat bread, and unprocessed foods all play a major role in shaping your appetite. In addition to that, they are good for your body than junk food or processed meals.

The latter satisfy only your taste buds and don’t improve your health substantially, causing you to overeat in the long run. Yes, you can have cheat meals every once or twice a week. But, as part of tips to stop overeating forever, make it a habit of sticking to only whole foods as a priority in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Only eat when you eat:


In other words, avoid getting distracted while you are eating. Put down your phone and turn off the TV. If possible, never eat on the desk you work at. A mindful diet is as important as the diet itself. Be aware of your own eating and chew your food well. Keep a track of how much you’ve eaten instead of getting carried away, especially if it’s one of your favourite dishes.

And most importantly, stop before you feel full. If you are looking for tips to stop overeating forever, here’s a practical one: Leave some empty room in your stomach to allow it to get accustomed to the space. That’s how you train yourself to eat healthy and right. Using these steps in every meal will make sure that you don’t end up overeating in your meals.

Don’t starve yourself:

This is, perhaps, the worst possible torture you could put your body through. Starving yourself is definitely not one of the healthy tips to stop overeating forever. You do need to break your overeating habit, but don’t do at the cost of your required nourishment. Starving yourself will only result in overeating when you have your next meal. Cut down on your junk food and portion sizes, but don’t give up on eating altogether.

Other tips to stop overeating forever:

Not sleeping well

  • Not sleeping well is directly linked to overeating. Therefore, ensure that you get adequate sleep each night.
  • Never skip your meals. Skipping meals will only lead to bloating and more weight gain causing you to overeat when you have your next meal.
  • Take your time while you eat. Chew well and keep your distractions aside. Practice having a mindful diet each day consciously until it becomes a habit.
  • Work out regularly. This will ensure that you eat only when you are hungry and that you channel your energy for the betterment of your body.
  • Don’t wait until you are hungry to eat. Eat at specific intervals even when you aren’t really feeling hungry. Eating when you are hungry is more likely to result in overeating.
  • Remove all tempting substances from your field of vision. Be it skittles, burgers, pizza, or chips. Get rid of every junk food in sight.
  • Stress and overeating go hand in hand. Relax take a deep breath, calm your gut muscles down, and only then proceed with having your meal in peace.

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