7 day diet

Dieting can be a daunting task. Losing weight quickly can be hectic sometimes. 7 Day Diet has now arrived for you to reshape your double chin, fat thighs, flabby arms and broad waist.

Day 1

On the first day of diet you are only allowed to eat fruits except banana. Here, you are preparing your body for the upcoming 6 days. Fruits are free of fat and contain little calories. You may eat honeydew, watermelon and melons. These fruits are considered essential in this phase. Berries contain rich properties of antioxidants which is why they are highly recommended to the dieter.

Day 2

You are guided to eat vegetables on the second day of diet plan. You may kick off your day with baked potato. Dieter can boil or stir fry the combination of vegetables for lunch and dinner. You are not allowed to add butter. Eating vegetables will remove any deficiency of nutrients and fiber. Your body will go through a detoxifying phase on the second day. By eating only vegetables, your body will be able to remove all the toxins stored in your body from long time.

Day 3

Dieters are recommended to have the mix of day 1 and 2. You may eat all fruits and veggies on this day. You are only allowed to fill your stomach with veggies and fruits. You may have 1 banana if you like. Only boiling or stir frying the vegetables is allowed. Don't add any salt, sodium or other flavorings.

Day 4

Milk, bananas and vegetables are the main source of calories on day 4. You may drink 3glasses of milk in the entire day. Have 3 bananas and small quantity of veggies. You are only allowed to drink whole milk. Dieters are required to divide the quota into 3 appropriate meals.

Day 5

Tomatoes and rice are the items to depend on the fifth day of diet. Dieters are recommended to have 1cup rice and 6medium tomatoes. Rice provides carbohydrates whereas tomatoes deliver essential fiber which is good for digestion. Dieter must eat 6 tomatoes. However, you may consume lesser rice if you want to.

Day 6

Vegetables and rice are the 2 main options on day 6. Have 1cup rice along cooked or raw vegetables. Eating rice in the morning is preferred. You may eat vegetables in the remaining day.

Day 7

Vegetables, fruits and rice are the 3items to combine to gain nutrition on the last day of the diet. You may eat rice in the same quantity as mentioned above. You are free to eat as many veggies and fruits as you want.

Dieter must keep in mind that weight loss results are only guaranteed if you follow the guidelines of this diet strictly. The most important part is to drink 10glasses of water daily throughout 7 days. You will see significant change in your figure and weight by the end of 7th day.

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