5 Amazing Benefits of Maintaining 24/7 Communication with Your Patients

Sickness cannot be scheduled for a particular time, this means patients need to reach out to a healthcare provider whatever time a problem may arise. It is therefore important to have the communication lines open at all times. Most hospitals today are opting for call centers to attend to the patient’s needs round the clock.

Call center excecutiveCall centers provide a centralized division in a hospital or clinic where patients are screened and any issues are handled. The benefits are mutual since the patients are happier and the health practice runs more efficiently. Here are the key benefits of maintaining 24/7 communication with your patients.

All Patients Can Feel Special

Call centers will not discriminate in the provision of services. A patient will not be turned down because the clinic is busy or because they do not have as much money as the next patient. The call center would treat every call as important and everyone gets the amount of attention they deserve. Consistency enhances the feeling of being special. Studies show the consistency leaves clients feeling more satisfied.

Better Follow Ups

Treatment does not stop with the consultation in the doctor’s office, it is actually the follow-up and care provided after that. Having communication maintained beyond the 9 to 5 operations of business ensures that follow-ups are made at the right time. For example, if a patient needs to take medication at 2 am and there is a chance that they may not remember, a 24/7 call center would ensure that the patient receives a reminder to take their medication. The patient also can easily call to report side effects as they occur. The patient, hence, receives better care.

Reduction/ Elimination of Missed Calls

care to the patientsIn a busy practice that has medical staff juggling to provide care to the physically present patients as well as answering phone calls. It is often the calls that will be ignored which is just the same as abandoning a patient. With a dedicated call staff to attend to the calls at all times, no call goes unanswered and the medical staff can concentrate on providing care to the patients actually present at the clinic. This makes for a more organized healthcare provision with everyone receiving sufficient attention when they need it. The business, therefore, will not be turning clients over to other competitors.

Enhanced Patient Communication

24/7 communication with patients makes it more convenient for the patients. Not every patient is able to call between a given periods, some may prefer to call after work hours; others may want to call first thing in the morning, or at whatever convenient time. Without restrictions on when they should call, there will be better communication. It also means that the calls will not jam the line due to competition to make use of a limited window for calling. People answering calls on the other end can also have more time to attend to the patients since the calls are spaced out throughout the day.

Better Return on Investment

Better-Return-on-InvestmentAnswering service for doctors is supposed to improve the entire patient experience. In this case, the patient is a client and you are providing so-called ‘customer’ care. If you can satisfy the patient’s needs, they are more likely to return and they will also spread the word about the best care they received. The health center will see better returns on investment because of this.

Both the patient and those providing care are going to benefit from 24/7 communication. Communication, in general, improves understanding and this will improve the impact of your services.

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