4 Tips for waxing the bikini area

Bikini wax at home

Summer is that time of the year when all gorgeous women want to visit the beautiful beaches and bask in the sun. As women it is imperative to have a clean bikini line especially when you are visiting the beach. One needs to make sure that the bikini line hair is removed in order to look gorgeous and appealing. Here are some tips which can make the activity of home bikini line hair removal a little less distressing.

1. Women who prefer shaving their bikini hair using razor

There is a good section of women who prefer shaving their bikini line rather that using wax. If you are one of them here are some tips which you need to bear in mind. Always shave after a hot shower or bath so that the hair become soft and can be easily removed. Use a high-quality clear shaving gel. Direction in which the hair is removed is important as by shaving in the hair growth direction can reduce irritation.

2. Women who choose wax above the razor

The mere act of pouring hot wax in their nether regions and clearing the hair right out of the skin hardheartedly sounds ruthless. However, some women do this because of their enthrallment towards a perfect bikini line. All women who plan to use wax do not have to go through this barbaric procedure; here are some tips which can make this activity less painful.

a. Checking the length of the hair

One must make sure that the length of the hair is idle before the wax can be undertaken; any bikini hair which is shorter than a quarter of an inch is too short to be waxed.

b. Using Numbing spray

Prior to waxing your bikini area, one must not forget to use a Numbing spray like OTC or use certain creams which give you similar results. This should be done 15 or 20 minutes before waxing.

c. Right quantity and Temperature

One needs to be absolutely sure about the quantity of wax required and the temperature it needs to be heated till, both of these things need to be accurate as less heated wax will not be enough for waxing and much heated wax will be too hot to burn the skin.

d. Use of baby powder

Baby powder is recommended on the skin as this will make sure that wax is working on the hair and not on the skin.

3. Requisites before waxing or shaving

Whether it is shaving or using wax to clean the bikini line hair one must always remember to take care of the susceptible skin around the pubic regions by first cleaning it with astringent.

4. Requisites after waxing or shaving

One should use toner with rosemary and follow up with aloe rich solution. This will ensure that there are no rashes formed around the public regions.

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