5 Steps to tighten loose skin over knees


Age affects the skin. The skin over the knees is mostly affected. There are many elements contributing to loose skin situation. A major problem with loose skin over knees is, that it is extremely difficult to get it back in shape. However, if given proper care and treatment, The skin can be tightened and one can get a firmer skin. Here are some easy steps to get you started.

1. Do resistance exercise

A great option to tighten your knee muscles is by doing regular resistance exercises. This can help you rebuild your muscles. Advisable resistance exercises include leg extensions, strap ankle weights on, sitting on a table chair, and leg raisings. You should do at least five repetitions on each leg. Another exercise to strengthen knee muscles is pointing your toes outward and inwards. Here are a few exercises to set the balls rolling for you:

a. Dumbbell squads

You need to hold dumbbells at your sides with your feet wide apart. After this you need to lower your body down and stand up, and repeat.

b. Walking lunges

In this you need to start with your knees together and hold dumbbells at your side. Step forward with your right foot and lower your body towards floor. Continue this with the other leg.

c. Leg curls on ball

You need to lie face up on the ground with legs on the ball. Once your heels are by your butt, you should lift your hips higher and squeeze your hamstrings

2. Join yoga classes

Yoga proves to be a healthy workout for any kind of body related problem issues. These exercises will be beneficial to keep skin around the knee firm. Yoga basically focuses on stretching the knee muscles and helps to bring strength in your legs. Practicing regular yoga is a convenient way to tighten the muscles around the knees.

3. Consult a doctor

If the problem gets severe, then you should consult a doctor without any delay. In these cases probably the doctor will suggest surgical treatment. This recommendation holds true for those who have lost excess body fat and much skin hanging down. You don’t need to worry if case is not that severe because many doctors avoid this as it may give a permanent mark on your body.

4. Regular exfoliation

If you detect this problem at an early stage, then the worse can be avoided by regular exfoliation. You simply need to make it a routine while bathing by using a loofah and then applying a good moisturizing cream on your knees. Make sure that you moisture your knees often.

5. Avoid tightening creams

You should always keep in mind not to use any kind of skin tightening creams. Studies say that any kind of external application won’t show positive results. The best way to get firm knees is through proper exercise and regular care.

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