4 Adult Acne fiascoes you should be aware of

As a teenager, you may have had your fair share of problems with acne. While most occurrences of acne you experienced at this age might have been due to hormonal changes, you would have done all that you could to control it. This might be why you might get frustrated when you see acne making reappearances again in your adulthood.

Adult Acne fiascoes (1)

Thankfully, this time around, the outbreaks will owe their occurrence not to hormones, but to some rather simple mistakes you tend to make in your daily routine. Accordingly, here are 4 common adult acne mistakes you probably are making as you read this article.

Inconsistent Care

Inconsistent Care

If you were prone to acne outbreaks as a teen, remember that you need to care for your skin consistently. This is the only way you can prevent adult acne. You can use as many anti-acne products as you like. However, none of these products will have any effect on your condition unless you use it regularly. Skipping your regular routine (regular application of the anti-acne product) will only lead to half-baked results wherein the acne keeps on recurring.

Product Hop

This product sounds great!

This is a mistake most of us tend to make. Seeing an advert for a new product has us rushing to the store to purchase and use it. Sadly, hopping from one product to another can have adverse effects on your skin. The skin will take its own time to adjust to a new product. Switching between products within this timeframe can cause your skin to react adversely, leading to irritation, inflammation and acne outbreaks.

Dirty Laundry

sleeping woman

What’s laundry got to do with acne you may ask? Surprisingly, one of the main reasons for adult acne happens to be dirty bedsheets. Dirty sheets and pillowcases can harbor millions of bacteria that will only multiply and grow over time. Coming in contact with these materials will help the bacteria to enter your skin and cause acne breakouts.

Wet Clothes

Hot & sweaty after the workout

That’s right. The wet clothes you continue to wear after exercising every day can be a major cause for your woes with adult acne. Excessive sweating during exercises can cause the pores on your skin to clog up with sweat and dirt. If that is not enough, the excessive sweating can cause bacteria from your clothes to move onto your skin, causing huge acne outbreaks. So if you are experiencing severe adult acne outbreaks of late, blame it on your wet workout clothes.

Adult acne is a problem indeed. While acne in teenage years is caused by hormonal changes, adult acne is triggered by certain mistakes one tends to commit frequently. These rather simple mistakes can cause severe acne breakouts if not corrected in time.

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