17 day diet

The 17 day diet affirms to be a plan that is targeted on the belly fat and the visceral fat. This type of diet is claimed to be a diet that produces fast results and assumes that the results last. This diet is composed by three cycles or phases adding o long-term phase which is based on the maintenance of what is built in the first three. Each phase lasts 17 day as the name of the diet suggests.

The day 1 to 17  are aimed to intensify  burning fat through a low-carbohydrate diet which will provide approximately 1200 calories. As all low-carbohydrate diets during this first days the two main processes that are favored are burning of the fat and the loss of fluids. What you can eat: thin meat (as much as you want) and non-stiffen with starch vegetables, two yogurts  that don`t contain fat and two fruits that are low in sugar, you can use small quantities of oil, you can drink green tea and of course you should drink water (up to 2 liters a day). This phase is focused on cleaning, hydratating are removing unhealthy carbohydrates along with stimulating the metabolism which means that the fat will be faster burnt.

The days 18 to 34 are designed to activate the metabolism and to trick him in order to prevent a slowing down. That is why calories intake are daily cycled and recycled. The average calories intake is raised from 1200 to 1500 a day. You are allowed to eat legumes or squash, may be you could try sweet potatoes, corn additionally some couscous and there are some more options.

The days 35 to 51 are directed to the accomplishment of the good habits of everyday eating. In this phase requirements are as in the second phase, with a few changes: the thin meat is not anymore unlimited and you can`t eat as much as you want and there are some grains and some fruits added ; alcohol becomes an option and also a snack of 100 calories. This are the days when the low carbohydrate diet is out and we can wealcome a balanced low calories diet but of course without any processed food in the meals.

The days 52 to … Is the time when you arrive to an eating schedule for your life. This means that you are constantly passing through the first three phases , excepting weekends when you can squander. This is the phase when you have to arrive at the weight that you planned. If in the first 51 days you lost all the weight that you desired, it means that this phase is only a maintaining phase.
Never forget exercising! You can walk, you can jog or whatever you want. But you constantly need to have in mind “exercising” combined with the diet plan.

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