1400 calorie diet

Obesity has become a major health issue now days. According to
some doctors and physicians obesity is considered as a fatal disease.
Due to increasing growth rate of obesity, weight loss has become a basic
necessity in today’s world.

Now, anyone can lose his/ her weight by following the 1400 calorie diet plan. Some tips for planning your own 1400 Calorie Diet plan are mentioned below.

Dieting doesn’t mean to stop eating and keep starving all the day. It
asks you to take the diet which contains every essential nutrient but
the foods should be in lesser quantity. By starving the whole day you
can lose your muscle mass and it can badly affect your health and body

– Muscle mass is every important for human health and
it should not be affected by dieting.  You should lose your weight by
burning your fats which is a healthy and an effective manner. 1400 Calorie Diet will help you choose the best way for making your everyday meal chart.

One of the important points which should be considered is to read the
label of every food item you purchase. This would be helpful for
preparing the right 1400 calorie a day diet plan.

– You should avoid oily and junk food items. Fruits and raw vegetables should be included in your 1400 calorie diet plan. You are advised to avoid sugar and replace it with honey. It is the perfect sweetening item. Cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes, berries, apples and bananas are excellent choices.

Water is very essential for our body so you should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses per day. Your diet plan should contain proteins, calcium and other vital ingredients.

Planning a 1400 Calorie Diet
plan is as easy as mentioned above. By using the above mentioned tips
for this diet plan, you can lose weight by consuming natural ingredients
and stay healthy. You can get away from obesity by following the
particular diet plan.

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