14 Cancer symptoms men ignore

Cancer symptoms

Generally, it is believed that women are more prone to cancer. Hence, they need to be very careful regarding the slightest problem in their body. However, it is only a notion and the fact is that men are equally vulnerable to the menace of cancer. Mostly men are quite evasive concerning their health issues. They have to be dragged down to the clinics for even general check-up. In recent studies, it has been found that men need to be more informative regarding the symptoms of cancer. Few symptoms in men are quite explicit and a possibility of cancer cannot be ruled out. They are oblivious of the traits found in their body, which do require medical attention. Hence, it is always important to seek a doctor’s advice than ignoring the symptom. You never know if it is a cancer. Written below are few early symptoms of cancer in men and the directives to combat them.

1. Breast mass

Breast cancer cannot be ruled out in men. Any addition of extra mass in the area around breast is worrisome. The symptoms reflecting problem are the same as in women

a. Nipple withdrawal

b. Skin wrinkling

c. Nipple discharge

d. Redness around breast or nipple

If you observe any of the above-mentioned signs, then do tell your doctor about it. He may advice few tests for you, which include mammogram, biopsy, etc.

2. Pain

Pain come and go as you age. Thus, the tendency of ignoring pain is quite rampant. However, pain can be a sign of cancer, though not necessarily. It is always better to get yourself checked especially if the pain is persistent. The doctor can examine your history and go into the details to figure out the problem.

3. Changes in the testicles

Testicular examination should be a part of routine test especially in men between the ages of 20-39. According to the doctors, you can self examine at home too which should be done once in a month. Any change in the size of testicles, whether it is growing or shrinking, is a cause of concern. Furthermore, if you find a lump or hardness in your testicles, please seek medical help. Sometime, the scrotum develops heaviness too. In all these cases, the symptoms should never be ignored; an early detection is vital as testicular cancer spreads fast.The doctor will perform a testicular test. He might advice few tests such as ultrasound and biopsy.

4. Changes in the lymph nodes

A swelling under the armpit or area around neck, in the lymph nodes is a matter of concern especially if it has been there for around a month. Consult your doctor who will guide you to the right tests.

5. Fever and fatigue

Any unexplained rise in temperature is again a matter of concern. When cancer starts spreading to other parts of the body, the patient gets fever. It might seem unexplained but there is a reason for it. In addition, fatigue too is a symptom of cancer when ample amount of rest does not lead to any respite. Do get yourself checked because it will help you either way even if it is not cancer.

6. Weight loss

If you lose more than 10% of your body weight in less than a week without any efforts, it is a matter of grave concern. Your doctor might ask you about your routine and diet before reaching to any conclusion. A trip to the doctor will save you from many worries.

7. Abdominal pain and depression

There is a close relation between pancreatic cancer and depression. Someone complaining of stomach ache and depression should not take the matter lightly. The possibility of jaundice cannot be ruled out. The doctor will possibly perform chest X-ray, CT scan, and MRI to find out things in detail.

8. Continuous cough

A cough lasting for more than three to four weeks should be checked immediately. Chances of sinuses or bronchitis can be the reason; let the doctor decide about the real cause. He will check the lungs, throat and get X-ray done if you are a smoker. The treatment plan will be laid accordingly.

9. Difficulty in swallowing

Difficulty in swallowing can be a sign of gastrointestinal cancer. People tend to ignore it but it can be a cancer of esophagus. A doctor will determine through X-ray of the chest or an upper endoscopic examination, whether it is a gastrointestinal cancer or not.

10. Changes in the skin

Changes in the skin, such as rapid pigmentation or too much scaling, appearance of moles, etc. could be signs of skin cancer. You should not consider them lightly at all.

11. Signs of blood

Blood appearing suddenly from your body without any reason is always disturbing. If you find yourself coughing blood or find it in urine or stool, it is time to refer to a doctor immediately. Tests such as colonoscopy will be done to determine colon cancer.

12. Mouth changes

Changes in the mouth are another alarming situation especially if you are chewing tobacco or smoking. The white patches inside the mouth may result in oral cancer. Seek your doctor before it is too late.

13. Urinary problem

With age, every man faces problem in urinating. The frequency of urination and the urge to empty the bladder increases with age. However, if you feel it disturbing, consult your doctor. He might examine your prostate gland to see chances of enlargement. In some cases, this enlargement leads to cancerous situations.

14. Indigestion

A constant complain of indigestion should be looked into. It can be a cancer of stomach, throat, or esophagus.

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