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World’s thinnest waterproof piezoelectric speakers: All you need to know

World’s thinnest waterproof piezoelectric speakers have been developed by a Koyoto based company Murata. These speakers are ultra thin with the width of 0.9mm. There production has been started on a large scale. Per month production of these speakers is approximately one million. The sound quality has been improved in this updated version. The utility of a mobile phone is increasing day by day.

Earlier mobile phone was used only for conversation purpose, but with the connectivity to the internet network these are used as information terminals. In Japan 85% of the models of mobile phones released in 2011 have waterproof feature.

Pricing and availability

This piece of high tech speakers is available in the market since November. The approximate price is 250 yen per piece.

What’s great

0.9mm thickness of the speaker makes them ultra thin speakers in the market. The manufacturer has not incurred any additional material and installation cost for waterproof sheet. This product gives the benefit of being waterproof without the use of waterproof sheet. Hence, there is no sound deterioration due to waterproof sheet. As there is no magnet used in these speakers, it saves the user by trouble caused by absorption of iron sand. Therefore, the magnetic sensors do not get affected by any kind of electromagnetic noise. One more add on in these speakers over conventional speakers is that, they can be used even at lower primary resonant frequency range.

The standard Murata’s case is the measurement case of the speaker. The back side capacity of the speaker is 1.0cc. 100mm is the measurement distance and 5Vrms sine wave is the input signal of the device. The resonant frequency of the device is 1150Hz±20%. These speakers are compatible with table computers, mobile phones, digital still cameras, IC recorders, mobile internet device, e-books, digital video cameras, portable music players and many more other mobile devices.

What’s not so great

These speakers have overcome all the major drawbacks of the conventional speakers. Providing waterproof feature without affecting the sound quality makes the investment in this speaker a good deal.

Things to watch out for

Buyer needs to undergo certain amount of research before taking a decision of purchasing a particular set of speakers. The major concern for a buyer is the price, brand, model, durability and warranty. The pricing of Murata’s speaker has been done very practically. 250yen for such a high featured speaker is nominal. As far as brand is concerned, Murata is a well known player in speaker market. The features like waterproof, thin, high sound quality gives an assurance that these speakers are durable as far as durability is concerned.


This piece of latest technology has improved sound quality. It is designed for all kind of mobile terminals including tablet PCs and smartphone with waterproof guarantee. They compliance with IPX7 grade. IPX7 is a waterproof performance grade. This grade means that the device will not get affected by submersion in water for short span of time. Because of non use of waterproof sheet, the cost on material and installation has been saved. Ordinary double sided tape and acoustic mesh has been used to seal the speaker.

It has an average sound pressure level of 92.0 ±3.0dB. Its capacitance is 0.9μF ±30%. Because of its high torque nature motor, it can be used in those back cavities also dynamic speakers have difficulty in use. With the increase in the demand for smaller and high performing components which can be used in mobile phones, this device is certainly going to perform well in the market. You can relieve yourself from the tension of accidental submersion of the device in water. It can be concluded that these speakers will give you value of your money spent.

Word around the web

If you search about these speakers on web or if you will ask any user of these speakers, you will get positive feedback for the same. Various sites are filled with the word of appreciation regarding ‘waterproof piezoelectric speakers’. The features of the speaker like being waterproof without the use of waterproof sheet and its size are mostly appreciated.

Apart from this excellent series of speakers, Murata has planned to offer many more devices with excellent features. The upcoming series of Murata piezoelectric speaker product are VSLBP1913E1400-T1. These are case type compact speakers. VSLBF1913E1400-T1 is caseless type compact speakers’ series. VSLBG1914E1400-T0 is compact and waterproof speakers’ series. VSLBP2115E1100-T1 is a case type with high sound quality series of speakers.

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