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Top 10 floor standing speakers of 2011

Presenting before you is a list of top 10 floor standing speakers of 2011 that stand out the competition. Now, along with a high-definition TV or a LCD screen, a floor standing speaker system is to be added to transform a living room in to a live theater like performance. The market is flooded with a host of home theater system. So, it is crucial to recognize which standing speaker is better and available at a competitive value.

1. Sony SS-F7000 Speaker

This standing sound speaker is like an ultimate sound master. This standing system offers premium sound quality with 8“ dual woofers. These woofers can handle sound down to 35Hz. It is the largest Sony standing speaker in its kind. SS-F7000 handles up to 200W responding a sound frequency up to 50 KHz. This standing speaker has incisive sound quality that will elevate to enjoy all bit.

2. Polk AM6205-A TSi400 Speakers – Black

This system stands out as the most sophisticated floor standing speaker within electronic components. Powerful floor standing speaker that provides beauty along with assembled technology. Polk AM6205-A is catered with 1″ complex dome tweeters with silk and polymer finish . The speaker is equipped with three dynamic balances 5.25″ woofers to perform exceptional music. Its responsive frequency of this speaker travels from 34Hz to 25 KHz.

3. Klipsch RF52II 100/400W Speaker Floorstanding

This is fitted out with 1Tractrix Horn, Dual Cerametallic cone woofers and a Titanium diaphragm compression driver to deliver exceptional sound performance. The speaker is dedicated to produce the highest sound output by consuming less energy. The undistorted and dynamic sound production is suitable for a medium size and also for a large room. Klipsch RF52II is devoted to produce awesome sound caliber for both movies and also for music too.

4. KEF Q500BL Speaker (Single, Black Oak)

A black colored medium-sized floor standing speaker. This speaker is not meant for a large room but offers two channel and fully home theatre concept incredibly. The speaker is furnished with 5.25″ Aluminum Uni-Q sound driver to deliver alluring music. The 1″ vented Aluminum dome tweeter is incredible to offer distorted sound support. The bass performance of this speaker is invented by using novel engineering.

5. Monitor Audio BX5 Floorstanding Speakers

This standing speaker has an unbelievable elegant look and perfect sound quality. It is fitted out with novel 2 1/2 way system that controls natural sound wave. Te system is available with 140mm twin sound drivers with C-CAM standard and a tweeter of 25mm. The sound quality offers great control up to various perfection levels. This multi-channel sound system falls under standing speakers of elite group.

6. Mission Audio Mission MV-8 (Each, Blackwood vinyl)

As the name suggest this standing speaker is like an excellent sound mission that has been presented perfectly. The floor standing speaker is introduced with an arresting look that is really attractive. The speaker bears a controlled and well-organized bass/mid unit. The speaker has an impedance capacity of 8 ohms only in a minute with 4.6 ohms. The novel sensitivity technology of this standing speaker provides frequency response from 35Hz to 20 KHz for high-end.

7. Energy CF-30 Floorstanding/Tower Speaker

This is assembled with two sound woofers of 5.5-inch along with a 1” hyperbolic dome tweeter. The driving force of this standing speaker is its Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology to perform work as a powerful small sound booster. The electronic parts are firmly united within this speaker to provide a graceful and bundled performance and spirit.

8. Klipsch Synergy F-10 Premium 6.5-Inch

Klipsch Synergy F-10 is one of the sound Big Bosses of floor standing speaker series that is dedicated for music. This sound master with its Klipsch Tractrix Horn technology has the ability to transform a living room in to a live music performance. The system is ready to offer distortion-free sound experience. The sound output hits a premium experience with 6.5 woofers.

9. Infinity Primus P362

Primus P362 is a sinewy standing surround sound system that is powered with left and right side channel controls. The speaker bears high performance frequency response from 38Hz to 20 kHz range. This speaker holds an impressive sensitivity rating with 93dB sound boost. Primus P362 provides 3/4 inch dome tweeter and twin blast 6.5 woofers of finest quality.

10. Cerwin-Vega XLS-28

XLS-28 Floor Standing Speaker is presented with various pros and cons but yet holds a respectable position. The speaker might not be compatible with 6-ohm impedance speakers adequately. But, it has something special to give with its exceptional stereo music listening experience in a home theater environment. The system is configured with a low end 45Hz speaker frequency response and 20 KHz for upper-end frequency.

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