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Top 10 new applications for Symbian Phones

10 new applications for Symbian Phones
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There are many applications available in the market through which you can improve the scope of your Symbian phone and get the most out of it. If you purchased a new Symbian phone and looking for some exciting as well as useful applications, then here is a list of top 10 new software, you will definitely going to like. Read on to know more.

1. Fake Call VVS 1.0

Price: $2.50

Fake Call VVS 1.0

I am sure you have been in such situations where you wanted a phone call, so that you can leave a party, meeting, or any other event. “Fake Call” is a program that can easily help you by generating a fake call and you will be able to make an escape route. The program makes a fictitious call to your Nokia E63 at a time appointed by you. You have to set the caller’s name, number and the right time when you want to receive a fake call on your Nokia.

You can download the trial free and if you want the complete version, then it is available immediately after the payment. Once you download it, it is very easy to install and set up.

USP: Simulates fake call at the provided time

Pros: Large and touch friendly menu options, east to install and use

2. Kitchen Timers Pro 1.0

Price: $0.99

Kitchen Timers Pro 1.0

Do you know how to cook like a professional chef? If your answer is no, then here is Kitchen Timers for you. Now, you will never miss the right meal for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It helps you to cook your meal without any mistakes and you will not believe but while using it, you will enjoy the whole process. It is available with two oven timers and four stove timers with three alarm sounds. If the application interrupts in between, it will resume with the correct timings and you will not face any hassle.

Kitchen Timers Pro is specially made for kitchen lovers and cooking professional. You can cook like any other five star chefs that you have seen only on TV.

Apart from Symbian OS, it supports all the version of Android and is available in the android market. For Android, you can download it from the Android market and if you are a Symbian user, download it from the given link after the payment, demo or trial version is not available.

It is compatible with many manufacturers and models, some of them are mentioned below:

Nokia: 5288, 5233, 5250, 5800 Navigation, 5800i, C5, C6, N8, N97, 5230, 5235, 5530 Xpress Music etc

Samsung: GT-i8910

Sony Ericsson: Satio U1/U1a/U1i, Vivaz U5/U5i, Vivaz pro U8/U8a/U8i

USP: Resume feature

Pros: Works with Symbian and Android, comes with four stove timers and two oven timers

3. AntiMosquito 1.0

Price: $2.50

AntiMosquito 1.0

It is a small software that has the capability to drive away the mosquitoes. The program generates a sound to between 4 KHz to 12 KHz to scare the flies and mosquitoes. Most of the sounds are not audible to us, so it is not harmful.

It is a perfect application if you are going for a vacation or camping. There is a feature in the application to set the time for starting the sound. Once the sound starts, all the mosquitoes leave your place and even you sleep with your windows open. You can use other applications after starting the sound, as the application runs in the background.

The scientifically tested software has a sound distance of 30 feet. With a size of 121, KB SpluSoft develops the application. The demo is free to download and if you want the full version, then the software will be available immediately after the payment. The software is only compatible with Java phones, Symbian S60 3rd edition and requires Flash Lite 2.x

USP: Less expensive than other mosquito and fly repellents

Pros: Simple to use and lifetime updates are free

4. Sunrise / Sunset 1.0

Price: $2.50

Sunrise / Sunset 1.0

It is a program to determine the starting and end of the day, by telling the timings of sunrise and sunset. Apart from that, it also states the transit and civil twilight times for a chosen day. The application has a database of more then1000 cities around the globe and displays the latitude, longitude and time zone for all of them. It allows you to see the output for any date. You have to set the GPS co-ordinates of the device to see the accurate timings of solar events.

You can download the trial free but for the full version, the download will be available right after the payment. Now, whenever you want to know when the sun will rise or when it will set, find out by downloading and installing Sunrise/Sunset and impress your friends. Manually enter your current location or choose from the list of the cities available in the program. The majority of cities are from US and Canada. However, you can add five locations of your choice.

USP: Gives the accurate timings

Pros: Easy to use and has a nice interface

5. SilentFinder 1.0

Price: $3.49

SilentFinder 1.0

The application allows you to find your cell phone anytime, anywhere, even if it is on the silent mode. You have a send a coded text message, once the phone receives the message it will ring with a special message and you will be able to see the location on Google Maps. If you want to use the software then you have to purchase it, once you will make the payment, the download will be available.

Now, you do not have to waste your time to find your phone, if it is on silent mode. Just send a text message “Silent Finder” from any website or friend’s phone and you will alerted by a ring. It can be customized with different sounds and text messages to be displayed at the time of alarm. That means, this groundbreaking application makes finding your phone as easy as sending a text message.

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Apart from Symbian, you can use the program on Android phones as well. It has two versions, 1.0 is without the GPS and the latest 2.0 includes GPS.

USP: Finds the phone even on silent mode

Pros: Easy to use, customized messages and sounds, time saver and a security for your phone

6. Employee Monitor

Price: $2.99

Employee Monitor

If you own a phone provided by the company, then I am sure you have made international calls to chat with your friends. If not you, then one of your friends surely did the same thing, but think about the person who is paying for all this fun. This program is for those business phone providers so that they can keep a check on the call data of their employees. Install this software on the work phones and make sure that they are making only work-related calls.

With a file size of 148.3 KB, this software is available for free trial but for the complete version and registration key you have to make the payment. The trial version is limited only for seven days but once you complete the purchase, you will be getting the registration key that will be valid only on unique IMEI numbers and cannot be applied to other phones.

Once you will install on the phones and initiate the software, it will block all the incoming and outgoing calls or messages to the numbers that are not saved in the phonebook.

USP: Password protected

Pros: Wide range of options, easy to set up and a very smart program

7. Child Phone Guard

Price: $2.99

Child Phone Guard

This software is to protect your child from strange calls or messages that you want to keep at a distance. It will also stop your child from calling anyone because it limits the calls and messages to the people who are already in your contact list. If you are thinking to give a phone to your child, then install this app and live with peace of mind.

If you think that someone is disturbing or bullying your child then simply remove the contact from the phonebook. Even if the number is not saved in the phonebook then just turn on the CPG and it will send busy tone to the unknown callers and block messages, MMS and WAP. Apart from blocking calls and messages to and from all the unknown numbers, you can see the detailed log of all outgoing and incoming activities. Apart from you, nobody can change activate, deactivate the CPG, and edit the phonebook because it is password protected.

USP: Password protected

Pros: Provides extra security for your child and gives you peace of mind

8. Sobriety Calculator

Price: $0.99

Sobriety Calculator

Do you remember how many days passed since your last drink? This application remembers the same for you. It simply tells you the days passed when you took your last peg and shows the number of heartbeats after that.

Right now, the version available to download does not remember the date, but the next update will have a memory and will be capable of doing that.

The program with a file size of 117KB works on Symbian S60 and some of the supported mobile phones are listed below:

Nokia: N91, N80, N71, N73, N75, N95, 3250, 5700, E60, E61, E70, E50, E62, E65, E61i, and many more handsets

Samsung: SGH-i520, SGH-i400, SGH-i550, SGH-i560, SGH-i570, INOV8 i8510, L870 and i7110 etc

LG: Joy

Sony Ericson: Satio, P100, and Vivaz u5i

USP: Calculates the time since you were drunk for the last time

Pros: Shows the number of heartbeats since your last drink

9. Wine & Food Guide

Price: $4.99

Wine & Food Guide

When it comes to the pairing of food and wine, there are endless possibilities. You will find some combination better and some worst, and to know the best combination you have to experiment all of them. However, if you do not want to waste your time doing experimentation then this software can help you. It will give you the best possible combination of wine and food as well as help you in purchasing wine for your meal in your restaurant.

Apart from selecting foods and wines in restaurants, it can also tell you which food you have to make with which wine. Specially designed for matching and finding food/wines quickly, the application gives you a wide description on wines as well as wine and food pairings.

It is developed by Incelligence and was released on March 16, 2009. With a file size of 272 KB, it is very easy to use and takes a space of only 1MB. There are no demo or trail versions available for this program, if you want to use it; make the full payment and you will get the download link.

USP: Quickly finds and matches the food and wine

Pros: Easy to use with a nice interface

10. Spanish / English food Dictionary

Price: $7.50

Spanish / English foodDictionary

Software that helps you while browsing the Spanish food menu. It is a very handy software that translates the Spanish name of the foods to English. When you visit any Spanish restaurant or just travelling to Spain, you can enjoy the delicious products from the Spanish kitchen.

To install the software the phone should have Symbian S60. The demo or trial version of the software is currently unavailable and you have to complete the payment to download and use it.

USP: Converts any Spanish food name to English

Pros: Easy to install and use

Now, you know all the applications that are available in the market. With the names you know there prices, features and uses. Download, install and use these applications according to your use and share the reviews with us.

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