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How technology can help you reduce your energy bills

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Soaring energy bills is a major concern for all of us and latest technology can help you reduce it. Let us see how. The concept of appliances with smart technology is still new but as energy costs continue to rise across the world, more people will start using such technology to reduce their bills and save energy.


Programmable Thermostats

Heating as well as cooling systems are responsible for the largest percentage of energy bills (almost 50%) in any home. Many people use inefficient systems, which result in wastage of energy. There are programmable thermostats available that can monitor if you are at home or not and controls the temperature accordingly using motion detectors. There are apps available nowadays which allow you to control the temperature using your smart phone. Technology makes it possible for these devices to check weather conditions using Wi-Fi systems and adjust the temperature accordingly.


Light Sensors

Every parent knows that you can tell kids hundreds of times to switch off the lights when they leave the room, but they never do. If a light bulb is left on for 12 hours a day, it could mean a few hundred dollars in bills over the year. There are light occupancy sensors available now which solve the problem. Multiple lights can be attached to these motion activated sensors to track and switch off lights in rooms that are empty. There are other home automation systems, which let you connect all the lights together and access via your smart phone app to switch them off if required.

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Smart Grid Technology

It is a new technology using which your electric usage habits are shared with energy producing companies. Using this information, energy companies will be charging higher rates during the peak hours of electric usage. Your smart appliances such as refrigerator or washing machine will communicate with the grid technology and know the ideal off peak hours to perform their operations and help you save money in electricity bills. Consumers will be able to decide when they want to consume energy and the price they want to pay for it.


Water Pebble

Many of us unknowingly waste a lot of water by spending extra time under the shower. This is in turn results in increasing your utility bills for electricity spent to heat up the water and is not environment friendly as well. Now there is a simple device available known as water pebble, which can be kept near the water outlet in the shower. When the shower is started, there is a green flashing light, which turns to yellow and then to red to indicate that the time to take shower has completed. The device uses smart technology to track time spent under shower when it is used for first time and on every consecutive use the time is reduced by 7 seconds. If the time becomes very short then it can be reset to start from the beginning. According to statistics, it has been estimated that by using this device you can save as much as 13,000 gallons of water every year, which is considerable saving.

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