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Smart driving assistant adds an automated support to your driving

It can be a huge convenience for every driver if a device is there to track his or her driving habits, as well as the working of their vehicle. Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is one such gadget that can tell you a lot about your vehicle and driving. It may not only help you avoid everyday troubles related to your car, but may also make your life simpler by giving you alerts on various aspects that need immediate attention. Check out here more about this device in order to automate your driving activity, as well as your life.

About Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

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Developed by Automatic, this is a small and simple device that can easily be plugged into your car, under the dashboard. It is like an adapter that gathers data about your car and driving while staying constantly connected to the Automatic app. You can make use of several online services with the use of this device and synchronized app.

The app can send you alerts regarding your car mileage, performance, engine health, and gas consumption. The device comes quite handy when you want to reduce interruptions during a drive.

Device design and functionality

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The adapter is designed in such a way that it can be plugged into all your new and old cars. It simply needs the vehicle’s standard diagnostics port. From your vehicle’s onboard computer, it collects the relevant data and sends it to the app that can be connected to it via Bluetooth.

Further, the app stores data for each of your trips. It may not only inform you about the engine diagnostics, but may also help you in locating your parked car and dealing with emergency crashes. On the detection of a serious crash, a professional agent supports you on a call, informs you family, and arranges for quick help.

With the help of Automatic adapter and app, you can check several details about your car trips, including the time, gas cost, and distance on the route map. It lets you solve some basic engine troubles on detection or gives you a list of reliable mechanics if the problem is severe. Apart from this, the app assists you to improve your driving skills, as it offers real-time feedback.

The device has a speaker built-in, which lets you know when to drive more efficiently or smoother. Even when there is brake ease off required, its audio alerts let you know of it. Thus, you can make your driving skills better each time you go on a trip. You can track your progress through the accompanying app. The device and app work well in synchronization with most of your Apple and Android devices.

New apps to improve business and life

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Automatic Smart Driving Assistant can work well with various third-party apps too. Thus, you can use a variety of other online services through these apps. If you are a professional driver or travel manager, you can gain the benefits of apps like Automatic Fleet, Hustlebox, Expensify, Xero, and Tripdots. These apps can help you track a lot about your fleet’s productivity, trip expenses, vehicle management costs, and much more.

The Automatic adapter further works well with apps like Pebble, Jawbone UP, SpotAngels, Your Mechanic, and DashCommand. While some of these apps can improve your vehicle’s performance, some others can alert you on your parked car or save from parking tickets. Thus, you can actually take out a lot out of this device from Automatic and ease your life.

Whether it is about saving the gas consumed by your car, detecting engine problems or improving your diving skills, Automatic Smart Driving Assistant can always help you to make your life easier and smoother.


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