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Razer Nabu X is the new, cost-effective fitness tool at your disposal

Razer has recently unveiled its cost-effective fitness tracker in the form of Nabu X smartband. While the gadget will only be available for some fans as of now, the general public can also expect to grab it by the spring season. Check out what this device has in store for you.

Appearance –

Razer Nabu X looks simple yet stylish in appearance. It is flexible to fit any wrist size, as it has multiple holes to tie the band. The gadget simply has three LED indicators with customizable colors. These indicators can alert you on all the incoming notifications on your smartphone. The system also alerts you through its vibrations. This fitness band has social band-to-band capabilities. One such important feature is the Shake to Dismiss function. With low-key features, this no-screen gadget gives a clean appearance. It is available in several attractive colors.

Performance —

The Nabu X smartband can be easily synchronized with your smartphone. It is effective in detecting the wrist turn and tracking your activity through its sensors, which can easily be detached from the band. The gadget is equipped with a wonderful battery that may last up to a week. The band is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. There is a corresponding app available for this device using which you canchange its settings and display the required data.

Ease of use —

Razer Nabu X touts ease of use. While its indicators can be quickly activated by tapping lightly on its sensors, it can also be used easily used at any time and place. You may even make use of this band under water, as it is water-resistant up to a depth of 1 meter.


Usefulness —

If you are not looking for some extraordinary features in your smartband, then Nabu X can be a decent choice for you. It is an affordable smartband that can notify you all of all incoming calls and notifications on your phone. Its built-in accelerometer can keep a track of your basic fitness factors, such as steps taken, sleep patterns and calories burnt. While it may not match the precision of various other expensive bands, it definitely has useful features for sharing your fitness information with others.

Value for money –

At a low price of $50, this gadget is definitely worth grabbing. Considering its simplicity and performance, it can give you good value for your money.


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