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Ray–Ban maker to tie up with Google

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According to latest reports Ray ban maker Luxottica with Google on their next project. The co-founder of Google Sergey Brin confirmed this news. They will tie up with Google to make a new smart  eye wear.


Luxottica will design a new type of eye wear for Google which will be making use of the latest technology. They will develop and distribute it as well. This product will be named Google glass. This will be stamp sized screen which will be attached to a  pair of framed eyeglasses. This can be used to record videos, browse the internet for checking mails, click pictures  . this will wirelessly connect with the mobile phone of the user.

This is a really innovative device which will be the  future of eye wear in the coming generations. This will not be a mere sunglass but a wonder of science and technology. This will protect your eyes from the harsh rays of the suns. This will also give you the liberty to keep your hands free for doing other work rather than holding a mobile phone.

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The financial terms of this deal were not declared.  Luxottica has two important brands which are- Ray Ban  and Oakley. Both of them will be part of this deal. But Google has not clearly stated this as of now. Luxottica believes that this kind of strategic planning will help in with a big company like Google  will prove to be beneficial for both the companies. The deal will be sealed very soon and then the official statement will be issued.

This is a good news for all gadget freaks who wait for something new to be launched . this is indeed going to be a very great time for both the companies as this will be very good for them .This deal will ensure that it will be a breakthrough product of all times making it the best of all the smart phones launched recently

So let us wait and watch. The product will be available in the market very soon . It will be a great time for both the companies as they are two major giants who are coming together for the very first time. This w is one great moment in the world of science and will lead the  way for many more such innovation and technologies in the times to come. It is a hit already.

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