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How to put up a home audio video setup

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A home theater is becoming a big source of requirement in today’s modern homes. Setting up a home theater, with a professional help, however, is not only a costly affair but it also consumes lot of time and effort. The best thing is to install the home audio video set up on your own. It would not only save you lot of bucks but you would also be aware of lot of technical things which would help you in future to upgrade your audio video set up, if required.

Before installing any of the home theater, you need to read very carefully the manual and also keep handy all the tools that you might require while setting up your home theater system. Once you are thorough with the manual, you can always start assembling your home theater system. You need to be very careful about the entire setup as a little mistake might hamper your entire job and also it will have some effect on the surrounding sound and picture quality. Go through the steps below and get a clear idea of setting up your audio and video system with a DVD player, receiver and other components. Explore more in the later part of the article.

1) Choose an appropriate place for the set up:

Your home theater must be big enough to accommodate all the necessary components, like game machines, HD receivers, DVD-R and TiVos, and the sitting arrangement. The more spacious the room is, the better quality of sound it would be. You can also check in the manufacturer’s website to estimate the required space for your home theater.

2) Check the availability of AC power:

Before installing the connection, make sure that the place where you are going to install your home audio/video system have the supply of enough AC power. You can call an electrician and check the availability of enough AC power which will support your system to run properly and also your work on connection would be easier.

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3) Make sure to have a phone and high speed internet connection:

When you are installing your home audio/video systems, be sure to have a phone and high speed internet connection. TiVos and satellite receiver works with the support of phone connection. If you are willing to connect your home theater system with Xbox or Playstation 2, high speed internet connection will be required which will be terminated with Ethernet connection. These connections help you to program TiVo2 from computer and with the support of high speed internet connections you can connect your latest game machine and enjoy interactive play with other gamers from the different parts of the world. In case of non usage of the other features also high speed internet connections help you not to disconnect the entire system while any up gradation.

4) Consider the distance between you and your TV:

When you are planning to install home audio/video system, it is for sure that you are going to buy a bigger television. However, before buying the television, consider the width of the television which should be 1.5 – 2.5 times greater than the distance from where you are watching. If you do not maintain the distance you won’t be getting the desired effect from the television set.

5) Select a heavy gear:

Home theater’s equipment are often very heavy and customs cabinets cannot be a good option for any home theater. It can get easily sagged which will ruin the entire installation. Consider a strong stand that can hold the television and other components perfectly without ruining any customs cabinets.

6) Buy properly measured cable:

Never buy any cable that will measure less than 2 meters for your home theater. A lengthy cable is required so that you can adjust your gear according to your requirement. You may have a mind set that you are saving some cash on buying small cables but remember buying small cable will make your system inflexible.

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