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Power of 2-Samsung SH-M522C Combo Drive

There is always an inevitable exigency of owning an optical drive that effectually merges the ability to read DVD media with CD-R/CD-RW recording capability. Whether users are seeking an optimum medium to burn their disks or focusing on revamping their experience, the peripheral sphere always has lots to offer there. After devising several purposive solutions for users across the globe, Samsung has now come up the new SH-M522C Combo Drive that boasts of delivering magical speed.

The new combo drive incorporates CD write 52x/rewrite 32x/CD read 52x and has been designed to harmonize with the environment by being eco-friendly.


Samsung SH-M522C offers users the freedom to choose between low noise mode and maximum speed mode for the best desktop environment. Featuring a clean look, the combo drive’s low noise mode seamlessly helps trim down the disc damage and lessen the disturbance created while playing in real high speed. The solution also lends support in preventing the buffer under run error at the same time. By playing on the model’s impressive capabilities, users can multi-task on their PC and enjoy fast read and write speeds.


Embedded with 2MB of buffer memory, the drive benefits from the Buffer Under run technology and offer users average access time of 130ms for CD and 150ms for DVD. With dimensions of 148.2 x 42.0 x 184.0mm, the combo drive can be conveniently carried and stand as portable. Besides lending support a wide range of disc formats, the solution includes CD write 52x/rewrite 32x/CD read 52x and ensures minimized data writing error.

High points

Samsung has ascertained to imbue advanced technologies in their SH-M522C for noteworthy performance. The eco-friendly device looks promising for its magical speed and enabling users to multi-task on their PC. The integration of Automatic Ball Balancing is another plus point. By loading a device featuring ABS onto the disc drive’s turntable, the combo reduces noise and vibrations at high speeds. Users may even appreciate the drive’s extended compatibility with all CD formats reading and writing.

Besides all this, the Mount Rainier enables native OS support of data storage on CD-RQ – thereby making it simpler to replace the floppy. Also, there’s Speed Adjustment technology to look forward to, which automatically detects and brings adjustments to reads/write speed to deviated, eccentric, imbalanced discs.

Low points

Well, considering the impressive speeds and advanced technologies being incorporated, we generally do not find any loophole in the Samsung SH-M522C Combo Drive. However, the peripheral misses on featuring Weight Balancing System which may not be appreciated by users to an extent. Also, the drive’s appearance looks quite uninteresting – Samsung could have definitely added a tinge of style there. So, users seeking a trendy combo drive, in particular, are sure to get disappointed with the model’s more than basic and simple looks.


The new Samsung SH-M522C Combo Drive is available now in white and black color. Users can purchase this one for about $22.44.

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