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Pebble shows its skills in wearables with ‘Time’

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble has recently revealed its new smartwatch called Time. This wearable brings all your phone notifications on your wrist, but you may actually look for more at times. Depending on your priorities and needs, you may like this smartwatch or may actually love it. Still, the fact is that this wearable will have to compete with similar products from giants like Apple and Google.


Like any other smartwatch, Pebble Timeis also useful when paired with your smartphone. While you receive important smartphone notifications timely and effectively, it also gives you cool choices of watch faces giving helpful data like weather conditions, date, calendar events and appointments, Bluetooth status, and battery life.

Although it lets third party apps add data, it is limited as of now. With more support, there is possibility of increasing the usefulness of this smartwatch much more. You can additionally use this gadget to count steps or play music on your phone. However, do not consider it as a fitness tracker.

Value for money

With unpolished apps yet a decent interface and performance, we can suggest that Pebble Time is worthy of being checked out at $199.


Pebble Time comes with a color screen, but its decade-old style may not be appealing.You also get a limited color palette. The wearable is thin and sleek to fit any wrist. Its display comes with a curved glass on top and stainless steel bezel acting as a frame. However, you will always find the screen on.

Additionally, you will have to bear a smartwatch with physical buttons because this one has no touchscreen. Still, it gives you a microphone on its side so you can carry out voice commands. Overall, this gadget does not attract much attention with its plastic looks and toy-like style.


This smartwatch works well with all your iOS and Android smartphones. The major advantage of this wearable is its long battery life that lasts for about seven days without requiring a recharge. In addition, it has a charging port at the back that also acts as a two-way data port.

Thus, you receive better functionality through its smart-strap. Further, the software of Pebble Time gives you fun and playful features that are actually beneficial. The gadget also works well when it comes to taking your voice commands to send messages.

Ease of use

Being lightweight, Pebble Time is fairly easy to handle and comfortable to wear. It is also resistant to water but only up to 30 meters of depth. Thus, a few splashes here and there would not matter. On the other hand, screen visibility is not quite bright and has low resolution. Thus, it may not be easy on your eyes. Since the smartwatch comes with a 22mm strap with quick-release pins, you can easily swap them.

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