Martian has recently revealed its range of hybrid smartwatches. Since it is the world’s first smartwatch that can work with voice commands, it is named as Martian Active Voice Command collection. Now, you can have conversations anytime and anywhere, right from your smartwatch with a virtual assistant like Google Now or Siri. Check out what all it brings forth to you.


Martian Active Voice Command is a highly useful gadget that lets you send messages or listen to your smartphone notifications anywhere with a simple voice command. It is similar to having a speaker on your phone. The gadget comes loaded with a variety of useful features that work nicely with various Android and iOS apps. Thus, you can actually perform varied kinds of tasks using these apps.

For instance, you may set reminders or multiple alarms, check weather forecasts, track fitness, capture selfies, and listen to sports updates. The settings for the smartwatch can be customized right from your phone in order to make the best use of it. In fact, this gadget will even let you know when your phone is more than 10 feet away from it. Thus, it is an awesome device to make life simpler for you each day.

Value for money

The Martian range may cost you anywhere between $250 and $300, which is worth all it offers. However, certain consumer segments may want the prices to be slightly lower than what is being offered.


Martian Active Voice Command smartwatch is not just a fashionable gadget, but is also a leader in terms of technology. It has a beautiful design with a sleek dark finish. The gadget is lightweight with an analog watch face. While it gives you phone notifications in a stylish manner, its looks are traditional like a classic regular watch. Still, this smartwatch appears stylish, modern, and polished. It may be available in an aluminum or stainless steel casing. The smartwatch has anti-scratch glass for protection.


The smartwatch synchronizes nicely with your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth 4.0.It also has a decent battery life of over two hours of talk time and a week on standby. It is great to take pictures, as it can trigger the shutter of your phone camera.Overall, the gadget performs wonderfully, as you may do almost everything on it, without taking your phone out of your pocket every time it buzzes.

Ease of use

Regardless of the model of the Martian Active Voice Command smartwatch you choose, it is a superb gadget to use that can be operated in an easy manner. It allows simple USB charging and quick access to its menu options. You will find the interface quite friendly. However, the most convenience is provided by its voice command feature.

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