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OkCupid app gets an update for easier use

For those feeling that a blind date could work out for them in order to find a desired kind of relationship, here is an app called OkCupid to show them the way. Let us find out whether this app works for everyone or not and how well it works.



OkCupid is an interactive app that lets users find and communicate with various matches according to their dating and individual preference criteria.If you know what you want in your dating partner and inform this app rightly about your requirements, then it works well to find relevant matches. While this dating app can be fun for some people, some others may not like it because of its low authenticity.

However, you may never be fully sure about people in the given profiles in case you trust a blind dating app. It is simply a medium to find and connect with those who share your interests and are seeking dating partners like you. Apart from this, some people may not be interested in the concept of a blind date supported by this app, as they find it an outdated way of meeting potential partners. Thus, OkCupid may not be the thing that appeals every type of user.

Value for money

Since OkCupid is a free matching app, it is perfect for anyone looking for a dating partner. It is of effective value, regardless of whether you become successful in your search or not.


OkCupidhas an interesting design that prompts people to set their dates or choose suitable dates out of the listed ones. You can easily setup convenient timings and place so your potential dates may confirm it on their will. However, the app is designed to allow the exchange of messages between you and your confirmed date only an hour before the actual meeting time.

OkCupid comes loaded with instant messaging and chat features. Along with multiple matching tools, the app provides varied quizzesthrough which you may ask questions from community users.You may then review the answers to find people who share similar views.

The app additionally has options for your friends to tag your profile. They can also leave recommendations for you.It also lets you share things on your integrated Facebook page and keep a watch on suspicious activities through its Stalker feature.

You may use the FlagMod option to flag inappropriate profiles or block specific users. In addition, you can choose to receive notifications on your phone if a potential date is handing out nearby. Thus, OkCupid has a decent user interface and nice functionality.



This app is compatible with your iPhone or Android devices. While it is accurate in finding the right matches, some users may be doubtful about its effectiveness while scrambling profile pictures or securing their identities. As many people search for dating partners in their own communities and living areas, there are chances of identifying known people even by their scrambled pictures.

The app is not very efficient at all times and may attract bugs while operating. Sometimes, you may need to reinstall it to get rid of the problem. Thus, it may not offer high performance standards as you would desire out of a dating app.

Ease of use

It is fairly simple to download and use this app. You will first be asked to create an account to become a member of this dating site. Once you have your account ready, you may login the app. While setting up this app is quick and easy, it can take some time to fill in your details on registration. Along with name, age and gender details, it also asks you to add your profile picture that is later scrambled by the website operating this app.

OkCupid can be fun for people who like to hang out as a pastime or have been looking for an alternative relationship. While the app has brought back the concept of blind dating, it does not work too effectively to implement this concept.


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