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Everything you need to know about Nokia Purity HD Stereo Headset by Monster


In the old days when technology was not much advanced, people used to listen to music only from radios sitting at their own places. But as the technologies advanced certain devices such as tape recorders were developed by companies that made ease for people to listen to music anywhere at their place. When mobile phones were introduced along with music as a special function, users started listening to music everywhere they go but still to make the music more interesting, technological companies introduced headsets as accessory to mobile phones that were just inserted into the ears of the users and can listen to music or even receive calls just not by sitting at their own place but by roaming around or while jogging, doing housework or any other work. Even wireless headsets were brought into the market that made easy for the users to listen to music or receive calls even on the go. Different companies made public different varieties of headsets keeping in view the needs of the users.

Nokia, a Finnish multinational corporation is engaged in manufacturing of mobile devices and other related accessories. In collaboration with Monster, Nokia has brought into the market a high definition on ear stereo headphone. It is available in four different colors – Black, White, Cyan and Fuchsia.

Pricing and availability

Pricing and availability of the headset is not yet revealed.

What’s great?

With advanced technologies, these headphones deliver outstanding audio. It provides incredible and superior sound without any distortion through its high performance speakers. This headset is wireless (hands free). Headphones are light, comfortable and made of scratch resistant materials. It has space saving shape that can easily be fitted into the hand bag. With soft and sound isolating ear pads and call handling controls, it makes easy for user to listen to music for longer hours. It also includes a control talk cable that enables to listen to music as well take incoming calls. It also consists of two tangle resistant cables, a mic and a microphone enabled cable. This microphone enabled cable can also be used for other devices that have 3.5 millimeter Nokia AV audio jack and also with other Nokia devices that has 3.5 millimeter Nokia AV connector. These headsets can be used with windows phones, any other phones, music player and other devices. This exclusive and unique headset is also compatible with Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 700. The dimensions of the headset include 290 millimeter in length, 40 millimeter in width and 200 millimeter in height. The length of the cable is 1300 mm. it weighs around 180 grams.

The sound frequency response ranges between 20 to 20,000 Hz (hertz). Its impedance is 32ohms, speaker diameter is 40 mm, and microphone diameter is 5 mm and also includes a dynamic transducer. The sales package of this headset also includes an instruction booklet and a carrying case. The headset includes answer/end key and volume control operating buttons.

What’s not so great?

Nokia is the best selling and trusted company for providing users with mobile phones and accessories that are reasonable and affordable. People are doubtful about its collaboration with Monster as it is the company that provides overpriced cables.

Things to watch out for

There are certain specifications to watch out for while deciding which headset to buy. Usually, the sound frequency response is the scope of sound headphones produce. This range is measured in hertz. The Nokia’s purity headphone’s sound frequency response ranges between 20 to 20,000 hertz. The frequency response should not be less than 20 Hz or more than 20 kHZ.

Another important feature to consider is impedance. Impedance relates to the quality of the speaker’s voice coil. The impedance should generally be lower to provide superior quality volume. Lower the impedance, the headphones would be more efficient and its battery lasts longer. The impedance of this headset is 32 ohms.


Thus, this exclusive light weighed headset developed by Nokia in collaboration with Monster’s advanced technology is expected to meet the expectations of the users who are music lovers. This headset hits the market soon with reasonable price.

Further readings or Word around the web

The headset provides an exclusive sound experience. It is the perfect and right companion for any mobile phone and music lovers. With its advanced driver technology, tangle resistant cables, control talk cable, the headset provides a very rich and dynamic sound. The headset is also fully compatible with other Nokia mobiles and other music devices. Apart from its outstanding performance, the headset is light weighed and is made with scratch resistant material. The soft ear pads provided enables the user to hear the music for longer sessions.

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