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LifeLock Ultimate Plus promises greater protection against identity theft

There are many ways through which your personal identity is transacted for the benefits of individuals and companies. However, you can now safeguard the misuse of your personal data with the help of this new service for identity theft protection that is called LifeLock Ultimate Plus. Check out more about it here.



We can call LifeLock Ultimate Plus as one of the better services when it comes to identity theft protection. This service performs a thorough monitoring of your personal data or details in several registries and on Internet.

Along with personal information, it also monitors your financial activity and credit scores in detail.Based on this monitoring, the service provides you instant notifications on any kind of suspicious activity through SMSs and emails. While it features a comprehensive credit summary for you, it can also monitor your credit cards and bank accounts.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus additionally alerts you on exceeding your withdrawal and purchase thresholds. Thus, you can easily come to know if there is any fraudulent activity happening in your account. However, it may also show some lag at times while displaying your transaction history.

Further, this service is useful for checking sex-offender databases, black-market sites, file-sharing networks, and court records. Any misuse of your personal details can be easily caught with the help of this effective service.

Value for money

Even at $30, LifeLock Ultimate Plus is worth purchasing for its efficiency and effectiveness in detecting fraudulent and theft activities. Nothing is more important on the Web than your financial and personal information security.


The interface of the application looks simple yet organized. You will not find some flashy features and attractive designs on your screen while using this service. However, it will offer you usable features in a classic form.



LifeLock Ultimate Plus is a reliable service when it comes to personal identity protection on the Web. It scans public records and monitors financial activity in accounts quite in depth. Thus, you can expect it to send you every notification or alert on an instant basis. In fact, the service gives you a $1 Million Total Service Guarantee.

It assures the complete protection of your personal information as far as you are using this service. Else, the company would spend the mentioned amount on lawyers and consultants to defend you.

Ease of use

It is an easy-to-use service where you can register conveniently and login whenever you want, without any hassle. Linking your bank accounts to this tool is also pretty simple and secure. It additionallysends you comprehensive reports and alerts.

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