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Learn how you can reap the maximum of Google Analytics

In today’s world, online marketing has gained predominance in such a way that you cannot think of progressing without its help. Just blindly developing marketing strategies won’t get you anywhere. You have to find out how well your plans are working. Google Analytics is a great tool, which helps you measure the success rates of different online marketing strategies and SEO techniques.  Thousands, even millions, of web users visit your website every day. Google Analytics helps you find out how these users have interacted with your websites, what they have liked and what has not attracted them at all. With the information provided by Google Analytics, you can improvise your web marketing strategies and implement them in a more efficient manner.

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What are the benefits of using the Google Analytics?

  • The best thing about the Google Analytics tool is that it is available free. Despite of being free, it gives better service and more info than paid services.
  • It helps you locate the keywords, which are directing users towards your websites. It will enlarge the stock of keywords that you can use to optimize the search engines.
  • The in depth analysis and detailed data provided by Google Analytics will help you improve your web pages. You will understand which pages are not being able to draw the traffic and change their content.
  • You can clearly differentiate the new visitors and the visitors who have been to your website before. This will give you a clear idea how your new strategies are working.
  • You will get to know about the most visited and loved web pages of your website and make them even better.


What are some of the Google Analytics features that you must know about?

1.    The Great Variety it offers: Google Analytics is capable of providing you with a wide range of information. You will get to know the number of visitors who have visited your website on any given day, the number of people who have returned many times to browse your websites, the pages that are most or least visited, how your visitors are finding your website, how the social networking sites are helping your promotional campaigns and a lot more.

2.    Get the E-Commerce Report:  Just keeping a track of the online to and fro traffic is not enough. The Ecommerce Tracking service, provided by Google Analytics, helps you understand the data related to purchase and sell. You can use this tool to compare the number of people that viewed a certain product and the number of people who actually purchased it.

3.    Getting it is Easy- Breezy: Getting registered for the Google Analytics service is not at all difficult.  You will just have to fill the signing up page and then enter the code string provided to you by Google on the pages you want to get data about.

4.    Free or Paid: The Google Analytics comes in two different versions- one is the paid version and the other is the free version. The paid version is called the Google Analytics Premium and it offers more detailed information and assistance.

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