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Latest of toilet technology in India..

Who could have imagined that toilet technology could have undergone such a huge change. Nowadays a toilet can filter water,  can easily be used for charging a cell phone, and can also produce charcoal. Scientists are of the view that a little bit of innovation can bring huge difference. This will help in improving the standards of public health and will also help in overcoming the challenges of the poor and under developed countries.


Many scientists have been doing extensive research in this field. They have come up with great plans which can solve the problems of many people in India who do not have access to toilets. The sanitation is an important factor for determining the progress of any country. India is lagging far behind in this . it has almost  640 million people who are forced to defecate in the open spaces.

Almost 7200 tons of human waste is produced each day in India. . this is equal to the weight of 18000 humps of blue whales  or 10 times the weight of Eiffel Tower. If this waste product could be utilized properly than the scenario will be totally different in India.

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But in India a flush toilet is not always a feasible option for everyone. The waste needs to be utilized efficiently to produce fertilizers or fuel or electricity. Many places efforts are being made to start this project by digging pits where the waste product can be treated successfully to change it into a better form. Later it is used as a fuel for domestic or industrial purposes.

In foreign countries collaborations has been made to collect the waste of many cities in a place by using scientific technology and then generate electricity using this. Thus the waste product will not be wasted completely . many universities too are encouraging students to take up these projects and research on them thoroughly so that many new dimension will be discovered. One such research proved that urine if treated chemically can help in charging the mobile phones.

India too is not lagging far behind. It is high time that we too channelize all our resources and do something concrete in order to save our environment from pollution. This will make us lead a happy and healthy life which will far more better than the life which we are living currently. But preparation is a must.


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