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iPhone 6- Top reasons it could beat the Galaxy S5

Another big smart phone release other than the Samsung S5 is that of the iPhone 6. Apple ahs always been at the very top of the smart phone market and its latest offering of the iPhone 6 may beat most models presently available as it promises to be bigger and better then the previous models. One can always expect some drawbacks to be present in many new phones that are released, but if the speculations over the iPhone are true, it might become the best smart phone yet, even replacing the Samsung S5: 


The Samsung S5 has been replaced and unfortunately the verdict is not to good, while the phone is definitely a step forward from the S4, many customers were actually expecting more out of the new model. Other than a new dimpled back surface, there isn’t anything new on the exterior design of the phone. This is especially disappointing since Samsung had promised many things after customers were not happy with the S5 design that was oddly similar to that of the S3.


Another failure on part of Samsung is the focus on health, while customers may not be impressed by theS-Health or the Nike Fuel Band; these are things that don not factor in to what the customer wants in a smart phone. What customers are looking for is a good design and this is one thing that Samsung has failed on as the specifications, hardware and the killer features are not what they used to be. There have been some very good improvements that have brought out faster processors, more RAM space, and improved connectivity and HD panels. These improvements seem to be more of ebb and flow rather than a goo d upgrade.


Design is an important factor that determines the customer’s interest and will improve how they use the phone. Nokia has done something similar and they have managed to save some part of their market share with their new phones.

Finally the camera is something that is good as it can reduce noises, take good [photos in dim light and in auto mode, it actually settles the photo so you can captures images in any condition.

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