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iPhone 6 – The technology genius of the new Apple phone

The advent of Apple iPhone 6 has made the world stop and look up with attention. Thereby, we do need to take some serious note of the technological upfront of Apple iPhone 6, which is like none other. Apple’s newly designed 64-bit A8 SoC has the capability of being the game changer in the market. Tim cook has said that Apple has worked on significantly upgrading the display and the graphics and have adopted an in depth approach to generate the A8 SoC. Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have some amazing technological features make its competitors envious in the cell phone industry. Few of these heart throbbing features are:

iPhone 6 2

The CPU and technology, (A8 SoC): The A8 SoC was formulated in collaboration with the TSMC i.e. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. A8 SoC includes a dual core processor that ticks on 1.4GHz, as compared to the 1.3GHz of the A7 processor. The dual core of the A8 adds another charm to it making it even more popular around the world. The similarity between the Apple 5S and 6 and the 6 Plus is that all of them are based on the same architecture and are capable of handling 64 bits.

TSMC has done a worthy job in producing the A8. The on board chip is more efficient and minimized and is more densely packed on 28nm making it better than the chips of the A7 processor. This chip is 30 percent faster and 25 percent more energy efficient in comparison to all the chips that are built on a 28 nm platform. Apple proudly boasts about the 50% increased efficiency for the A8, than its previous creation, the A7. A8’s processor has some two billion transistors inside, roughly two times more than the ones in A7’s CPU. A8 CPU makes it the fastest in the market and gives an edge to iPhone 6 and 6plus over all others in the queue.

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The better GPU: The graphics processor in the A8 enhances the graphics-processing capabilities of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. This unbeatable technological feature helps the users relish the experiences of smoothly running games. Apple owes this success to the PowerVR GX6650 that makes it do better than all others. Based on six Unified Shading Clusters the GPU of A8 becomes nearly unbeatable. IPhone 6 is much better in graphic comparison to its predecessor 5S that runs on PowerVR G6430. A8 has yet another alluring graphical feature that makes the gamers happy with the iPhone 6 big time. It is the capability to produce some real time graphics for its ultimate users.

The motion core Processor – M8: M8 is the refined version of the A7’s motion core processor. M8 is elevated with new and improved barometer for better pressure monitoring and better sensing of whether you are stationary or on the move. It understands the motions better as its gathers information from on board sensors.

iSight camera: Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have new and improved cameras not only in regards to the hardware betterment but also there is an improvement in the raw processing. The reason behind the top-notch quality of their cameras is owing to the newly designed video encoder and an improved image signal processor that are on board the A8 silicon.

Better Battery life: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are speculated to have a better battery efficiency in comparison to the1570mAh iPhone5s. This improvement in the battery life has made the Apple users even happier.

Summary: The technological improvements in the iPhone 6 and 6Plus have made these phones very unbeatable. The A8 Soc, all new GPU, improved core processor M8, refines camera and to top it all, improved battery endurance makes people go crazy about Apple even more.

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