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Innovative technologies to lookout for in 2014

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Technology plays the most crucial role in the development of the world and helps in fostering economic development. Technological innovations have brought about a global change. Read this article to know more about the five best emerging technological innovations for the year 2014 that might prove to be the greatest agents of change in the modern world.


Body adapted wearable electronics:

These devices are almost invisible and include a wide range of devices, such as earbuds to have a check on the heart rate, sensors to be worn under clothes to ensure correct body posture, temporary tattoo to control health and haptic shoe soles to communicate GPS directions via vibration sensed by the feet. The haptic shoes have various advantages and can be used for blind people to find direction and Google Glass that oncologists are currently using to scan medical records and other visual information to carry out surgeries.


Nanostructured carbon composites:

The harmful emissions from the vehicles and their impact on the global environment have become the most serious issue of concern and hence it has become very crucial to develop an efficient transport system. The nanostructure carbon fibers are an excellent way to reduce the weight of the cars to a great level. Lighter cars require lesser fuels to run and this leads to increased efficiency of transport of people and goods thus ultimately reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.

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Mining metals from desalination brine:

The amount if fresh water on the Earth’s surface is very low and due to the rising pollution these existing sources of fresh water have almost gone dry. In such a situation, desalination of seawater seems to be a good remedy although the process can have some serious disadvantages. However, the desalination brine waste can be a source of important materials like lithium, magnesium and uranium.


Screenless display:

This has been one of the most rapidly growing technologies of the year 2013 different companies have made great innovations in this field which include contributions like virtual reality headsets, bionic contact lenses, mobile phones for the elder and blind people and hologram like videos that are devoid of mobile parts or glasses.


RNA-based therapeutics:

With the joint approach of developments in the basic RNA science, synthesis technology and in-vivo, now it is possible to create a new RNA-based drug generation that can gain plentiful natural proteins or can even increase the in vivo production of therapeutic proteins.


The recent growth of technologies such as above is amazingly astounding and the implications of these technologies potential enough to influence the lives of many people globally.

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