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iGaze headset – Review

Did you ever think that your gaze could turn tables? Well, it does not actually turn tables but can now connect devices. At Tsinghua University in China, Lan Zhang has developed a wearable headset called iGaze that serves the same purpose. Let us see what this device is all about.



The iGaze wearable headset looks like a simple headset with a set of binoculars on your eyes. While its appearance matches that of binoculars, its functionality actually differs. The device includes a built-in camera for eye tracking. Through eye tracking, it can understand which devices you are trying to connect. Overall, the gadget looks plain and simple with no fashionable attachments.


This wearable headset has the ability to track your gaze and use it to form connections between different devices that you look at. Its camera catches the direction you look in and makes its calculations. Then, the calculated information is broadcast to varied devices that are connected to it through Wi-Fi Internet.

All devices present within the calculated field of view give a beep back to the user. This beep is played by the headset the user wears. When the user verifies with a nod about the devices he/she is trying to connect, then the connection is completed. This happens when devices receive an inaudible signal from the user’s headset that leads to their own calculations about selection or rejection.

These devices can do their calculations based on the user’s position. Thus, the entire connection process looks quite calculated and precise to provide an effective performance.

Ease of use

This device is simple to handle. A user can easily wear the headset and connected camera in order to gain a fresh connective experience.



The iGaze wearable headset is very useful to connect several devices without even touching them. You can connect your televisions and stereos by simply giving them a remote gaze. This device is nicely designed to offer a new option to users through which they may interact with the world around them.

You can even connect to another user through this gadget, provided that user is also wearing the same iGaze headset. Such a device may come quite handy for people who are physically challenged and have movement problems.


iGaze is a good quality wearable that has nice practical use in the modern world of wearable gadgets and emerging technologies.


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