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Holographic technology now hits your smartphone with the launch of RED Hydrogen

Smartphones have crossed all boundaries from the traditional and basic features, smartphone manufacturers not only come up with new and advanced technology, but they also ensure that they make designs and models which take the uses and features of a smartphone to a different level. Every year, there is always that one phone which generally buzzes the headlines due to various reasons.

RED Hydrogen

Off late the Holographic technology has been hitting the headlines for various reasons. In the recent months, the latest updates on Holographic Technology pointed to the upcoming smartphone called Hydrogen One by RED.

In their latest press release, the company has already gained popularity for its High-end cameras. It made an official announcement about their upcoming smartphone.  With this announcement, it is safe to say that now RED is venturing into the smartphone market with the launch of the RED Hydrogen ONE.

Jim Jannard shares his thoughts 

In a post posted on one of the forums, Jim Jannard the founder of RED stated that in order to describe the product; a person would actually have to see it.  He further went on to write that the display, which the company is launching, is a technology on its own and it is something that no one could have seen earlier.

This new technology is not like the inferior tech lenticular which has failed even after so many trials.  In another post Jannard uploaded it was stated that a major cellular carrier has also extended a hand by signing the dotted lines with the company and has agreed to carry Hydrogen One in their outlet. 

Let us know more about RED HYDROGEN

 RED Hydrogen

Design patent filing goes back since 2014

Though the official announcement of the phone was released in July 2017, but ever since early 2014 the company has been filing the design patents.  Even in the design patents you can clearly see the concept of the ridges. It helps to prevent the phone from slipping down especially when a person wants to use additional lenses. That is correct; the company has designed the phone in a manner where a person can use additional high quality lenses that we use presently in cameras. 

Design and features of the Hydrogen One 

Hydrogen One is a smartphone that has a holographic display sized at 5.7”.  For easy switch between Interactive games, 3D content, multi-view content and even the traditional 2D content is seamless thanks to the nanotechnology.

The body of the smartphone is stylish and resembles a render. It has a dedicated shutter button, ridges on the side for a better grip and dual speakers located beneath it. If you look at the rear side of the smartphone, you will find a camera bump located on the top. At the bottom, there are contact pins in the form of a stippled grid. The smartphone also has a headphone jack, a slot for an external microSD storage and a Type-C USB charging slot.

Videos on YouTube also highlight the body design of Hydrogen ONE

RED Hydrogen

The rounds of the phone’s design and specs have even hit YouTube, the one thing that is still a mystery is the Holographic display.  One of the viewed video which shows the first glance of the Hydrogen ONE is MKBHD channel’s video by Marques Brownlee.

He not only shows how the smartphone looks like, but also gives a walkthrough on the various features and highlights of the phone.  This video also provides a lot of useful information about the different prototypes of the phone as well as how you can turn off the 3D feature in the mobile.

Preorders, shipping and launch changes

It is not until 2018, that the company plans to start the shipping of the smartphones, but presently it is accepting the preorders on its official website. Buyers have a choice between a titanium variant priced at $1,595 and the aluminum version for $1,195.

Due to display production limitations, there is a possibility that not all the orders may be filled at the time of the initial release.  The company also stated on the official site that there are changes that may take place but that it may not be applicable to the design of the phone. During the launch, even the availability of the modular attachments is still in question.


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