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Google Now – Review

Google Now - Review

Google Now is a smart information service from Google that is designed to provide relevant information to users at the time when they need it the most. Users can sign in for this service from any of their devices.

Appearance –

Google Now works in the form of informational cards that are delivered to a user at the time of requirement. For example, if users are interested in receiving weather updates at their location, then Google Now sends them weather cards with detailed information on the current temperature, humidity, wind, predicted weather and other similar factors. There is a lot more additional information about weather apps and websites if a user is interested in reading about them. Similarly, there are a variety of other informational cards that are sent to users according to their interests and preferences. Once you sign in for this service, you may receive these cards through regular notifications.

Performance —

Google Now brings the desired information to users at the right time, as it tracks their daily activities and preferences through online user behavior. For example, if you have created an account on this app, then it will keep observing your interests and searches. When you search for soccer scores often, it notices and suggests you to receive cards related to your favorite games and teams.Google Now keeps working in the background so it may save your search time in future. The app can be used effectively on any of your iOS, Android, computing or wearable devices.

Ease of use —

It is very simple to use the Google Now app after signing in. You can check all cards on your device in a vertically lined up manner and click on the given links for additional information related to a specific card. It is also easy to change your card preferences by customizing your app settings.

Usefulness —

Google Now brings you relevant information in an organized manner. Its simple cards are highly useful when you need to find some nice events happening around you, know the traffic conditions on your route, book a place at your favorite restaurant, check the status of your online orders or flight bookings, and look for information on many similar activities. The app tracks your routine to find only what is relevant to you. Thus, you can have a good control on this app in terms of receiving helpful and filtered information.

Value for money –

It is a great value-for-money app that is available for free use.

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