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GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer helps you get better at the game

GolfSense is a wearable system that can help golfers who wish to improve on their swings. This system includes a wearable sensor for motion, as well as a free app for your smartphone. The entire system analyzes your golf swings and gives you useful and sharable information. Find out here more about this device called GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer.



GolfSense is a device designed for all types of golf players with different ability levels. It does not matter how good or poor your golf swing action is, but you can easily make use of this improvement-oriented system. This gadget can be attached to your golf glove,and it starts analyzing your swing speed and direction. You can make 3D comparisons among your own swings recorded in real time.

If you feel you are not so good at the game yet, then you can also compare your swings to those of your coach. This can help you find flaws in your swing by reviewing its important segments. If you want, then you can also share your swings with your coach via Twitter, Facebook or email. Otherwise, you can study the instant feedback and tips you receive from this device on your analyzed swings. However, the system is of better use only when you are keenly learning the game and pairing up its analysis with your professional coaching.

Value for money

Since it is a specialized system that is confined to the limited analysis of golf swings, not every user or even a golf player would like to spend $130 on buying it. It is more applicable for a specific user segment, and thus, may not give value for money to all types of buyers. Additionally, you may not find it worthy to spend this amount when you are already spending on your golf coaching.


GolfSense is a pebble-shaped gadget in plastic that is lightweight and classic in appearance. It looks decent in both gray and white colors. It gives you features to set your swing goals and tells about your achievements in the form of SwingScore. Goals can be customized according to your skill level or can be benchmarked against an ideal swing. The SwingScore feature lets you use a dashboard that is color-coded. This dashboard helps you to know the areas in which you require to work in order to improve your swing. Overall, the device is designed for modern users.



This gadget works nicely in synchronization with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The system is effective in showing your club and hand path during a swing in the 3D space. Thus, you can keenly check your downswing, backswing or follow-through. You can evaluate the entire swing plane decently from varied angles. The 3D swing data is captured by the device’s motion sensor in an accurate manner. After every swing, it is transferred to your mobile device via Bluetooth. Although this process works well, you only get a battery life of about five hours with this gadget. Thus, it may be annoying to keep recharging it after each long session. This is a major downside in terms of the device’s performance.

Ease of use

The system is easy to be used by both left- and right-handed players. It can cling easily to your glove and does not cause any disturbance while you swing. In addition, you can attach it to all types of gloves. It is also easy to set up your device after you purchase it. Further, it is quite simple to check your shot charts, analysis/trend reports and progress records for multiple sessions. It can be motivating when you know about your improvement aspects and level of progress by simply watching your action through replays and reviews.

GolfSense is a nicely designed swing analysis system for golf players. However, it still has limited use. The functionality of this wearable is great, but there is need to work on improving its performance.


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