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‘Gangnam Style’ Befalls First YouTube Video To Have One Billion Views

Gangnam Style’ Befalls First YouTube Video To Have One Billion Views

Psy’s, a Korean Pop-star’s “Gangnam Style” video is set out to be a great success on YouTube by surpassing around one-billion views. The only fact of its great achievements in just 27 days is beyond belief and shocking for viewers. Moreover, the YouTube video has broke the record of Justin Bieber whose single “Baby” reached 803-million views. This further make it clear that ‘Gangnam Style’ reached 6.5-million views each day for around four weeks. In a conversation with MTV, Psy said that he experienced many things in 2012 and it has been a wonderful year, but having such a response from viewers is something that is prominent.

Psy’s Gangnam Style

Wildly popular music video of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ has gone far above the renown of other YouTube videos. Until now, this official video has rushed forward one billion views that makes it first clip ever launched on site to hit the long-time mark of Justin Bieber’s music video. Moreover, ‘Gangnam Style’ is most recent in the long queue of achievements for popular videos. Few days back, ‘Gangnam Style’ has earned title of “Guinness World Records’ as most watched video in the history of YouTube with more than two million thumbs up. Few Days Back, “Marketing Blog Wordstream” revealed the fact that ‘Gangnam Style’ music video was watched around 4000 times every minute paying ways for one billion views.

Most Watched Video Of All Time

Beginning from YouTube, this music video has covered a long way to win the hearts of music lovers. Viewers have ever seen such a hard-hitting and sought-after video on YouTube before. ‘Gangnam Style’ has generated a litany of music video replication and best part is that Ban Ki Moon, United Nations Secretary General also performed this style. Last week, Psy’s video was named as this year’s top viral music video on YouTube. On the other hand, “ A Dramatic Surprise On a Quiet Square” hold second place and “Opera Duo Charlotte & Jonathan” of “Britain’s Got Talent” hold third place.

In November, this year, YouTube mentioned in a post on Trends Blog that growing popularity of outlandish Psy’s “Gangnam Style” video is unparalleled and amazing. This video features horse-riding dance posted in July on YouTube, although “Baby” was posted in Feb 2010. When creating this video, Psy did not even expected one million views, as this video is off sixth music album. So, the pop star just hoped for an average response. One billion views of “Gangnam Style” evolved as heartthrob for countless viewers having a great fervor for this video.

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