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10 Technologically Advanced Gadgets For This Year Holiday Season

10 Technologically Advanced Gadgets For This Year Holiday Season

Everyone aspire to have highly developed and advanced gadgets to make a perfect holiday gift. With the invasion of technical era, wide range of gadgets falls into the category of most sough-after tools of this year. In recent years, gadgets have evolved as most preeminent choice of countless people willing to gift something luxurious to their loved ones. Every year, some of the most renowned brands come up with updated models offering an exciting option for holiday season. Bearing this in mind, it is always worthy to shop the gadget as soon as it hit the market. This is because popular tech devices sell out very early before holiday season arrives.

List Of 10 Most Enhanced Gadgets

  • Audyssey Wireless Speakers: This is actually a Bluetooth speaker system designed for desktops to help user get rid of typical speakers with plug-in cable. A2DP or “Advanced Audio Distribution Profile” streaming brings in a perfect blend of sound quality and clarity without any requisite of connecting cables. Each speaker is accompanied by separate woofer and 4 inch bass radiator to deliver extra oomph.
  • B&W P3 Headphones: This is an attractive pair of P3 headphones introduced by a popular British Company “Bowers and Wilkins”. Designed as a travel-friendly headphone, this high-end headphone enables an easy storage when you are on the way.
  • BlueAnt Ribbon: BlueAnt Ribbon can be well described as portable adapter that you can use when travelling. Good thing is that this device also supports apt-X to open up ways for high quality and standard wireless streaming.
  • Griffon MOTO TC Monster: This remote-controlled truck is driven using Bluetooth wireless connected to iOS device. Moreover, an app controls this truck to offer manifold driving ways together with ability of storing and recording “Drive Plans”.
  • IRIScan Anywhere 3: “IRIScan Anywhere 3” is portable battery-operated scanner designed for storing scanned documents on “USB Flash Drive” or “SD Memory Card”.  This portable device can also capture letter sized or 1004A documents at an instance.
  • Libratone Zipp: Libratone Zipp is a handy AirPlay speaker designed to deliver 4-hours wireless playback while travelling. Built on PlayDirect Technology, this amazing gadget can be used without Wi-Fi network.
  • Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 By Logitech: This beautifully designed keyboard serves multiple platforms that includes iOS, Android and Windows. Keyboard K810 is incorporated with adjustable illuminating levels whereas slim size allows you to slip it into bag with tablet.
  • SuperTooth HD: This Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone is designed to be used in cars enabling hand-free calls when you are on the way.
  • StarTech Encrypted Hard-Drive Enclosure:  As the name suggests, this is a handy attachment for 2.5-inch hard drive. It comes together with aboard “AES hardware encryption” of 25 bit that works immediately.
  • ZAGGkeys PROPlus Keyboard Case: ZAGGkeys PROPlus is a slim Bluetooth keyboard holder designed for Apple iPad. Made up of aluminum, this gadget perfectly matches look as well as feel of iPad.

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