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Five great watch designs with high-end engineering

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Europeans are at the forefront when it comes to designing little machines that help us keep a track of time. By combining awe-inspiring designs with intricate engineering, these masters of horology have come up with some spellbinding watch designs that will surely keep you wondering! Take a look at some of these.


Bugatti Super Sport

Yes, you heard it right! Buggati, the world’s most famous automobile-make, has also ventured into the watch market with this stunning design. This really cool watch by Parmigiani costs a whopping $ 259,000. A really expensive watch from the expensive automobile maker! This limited edition watch is crafted from some 300 components and a Hermes leather strap.


Bovet Ottana Tourbillon Watch

This pocket watch from Pininfarina, a leading Italian car design firm, is a class in itself. The firm has been designing cars for the world’s leading brands such as Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and similar others. The dazzling timepiece was crafted for the Swiss watch maker Bovet and is meant only for the elite class! The kind of engineering done for this watch is truly out-of-the world.


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Black Pearl Watch

Taking its inspiration from the pirate era, the HD3 Complication Black Pearl timepiece is definitely worth buying. It is not the looks that make this watch unique, but it is the machinery and engineering that make the Black Pearl an item of envy. Made from some hundred moving parts, the watch features a gravity-defying bi-axial tourbillion, which spins in its center at the bottom. Hours are indicated on the left hand side where as the minutes get displayed on a central dial.


MB & F Thunderbolt

Designed by Maximilian Büsser, this masterpiece is simply unmatched. The thunderbolt in a way is a tribute to aviation since Maximilian spent a lot of years in designing model airplanes. And, this is apparently visible from the watch’s design. It features a pair of bullet-like compartments one that displays the power reserve and the other time. The Thunderbolt is hand-crafted using over 300 parts which help showcase even nanoseconds of time. Packed in a titanium caseback along with a sapphire case, the watch’s exterior took 210 hours of engineering.


0-Hundered Watch

A style quotient, in today’s era, where a lot of importance is given to fashion the Knot 0Hundered Watch will simply amaze you! Made by Kort Neumann and Nicoholas DiLoreto, this watch design combines complex engineering with great looks. Talking about its mechanism, the outer dial stands for the hour, inner display for the minute whereas the central area showcases seconds.

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