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Channel Master DVR+ 1TB: Review

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Channel Master has recently launched the fresh version of its previous over-the-air (OTA) recorder that did not come with a hard drive. Thus, the company has now released an integrated model of its OTA digital video recorder called Channel Master DVR+ 1TB.


Channel Master DVR+ 1TB is a newer version of DVR+ that did not come with a hard drive. Now, the company has provided a similar digital video recorder with an external hard drive of 1 TB. The form and functionality of the previous DVR+ has not been changed, except the fact that this 1 TB drive has been incorporated. Channel Master DVR+ 1TB now allows you free OTA TV recording and you will not have to pay any subscription charges. This is a great performance feature of this product. The device may be able to hold up to 160 hours of HD programming.


Channel Master DVR+ 1TB has wonderful dual-tuners. When we talk of image quality, the device also meets that criterion excellently. However, the quality of the product is sacrificed a bit with the absence of integrated Wi-Fi in this device.

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Ease of use

Channel Master DVR+ 1TB is a sleek and compact device that makes it quite simpler for usage. It is also easy to handle because of the integrated hard drive that may not fall off. This classy-looking gadget is easier to maintain and use, as it comes in a simple single and slim piece. Not many recorders available in the market can match the ease and comfort of Channel Master DVR+ 1TB.

Support services

You currently receive support from Vudu on this product and may expect additional support services to be provided by the company in near future. However, you might have to shell out a few dollars extra for a USB adaptor, as the device lacks integrated Wi-Fi.

Value for money

Channel Master DVR+ 1TB is available at a price of $400. As you are paying around $150 extra for this hard drive version in comparison to the no-hard drive DVR+, the value for money goes a little downward. A 1 TB hard drive purchased otherwise may not cost that high. Thus, it is up to users to decide if they are ready to invest some extra bucks in order to get an integrated hard drive in Channel Master DVR+ 1TB.

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