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Cardboard app – Review

Google Inc. has just released an update to its demo app called Cardboard. This app helps bring your favorite virtual reality (VR) experiences to your mobile device. Check out how the updated app meets your need to remain connected to virtual reality.

Appearance –

Cardboard is a neatly designed app that can be fun for users of any age group. This app works in combination with Google’s Cardboard viewer, which is a device that enhances your VR experience using several VR apps. The Cardboard app is a dedicated tool that not only supports you to launch a VR experience, but also has features to help you in setting up a viewer or finding new VR apps.

Performance —

This app is compatible with devices that run the Android version 4.1 and later. The app works very nicely with the Cardboard viewer and supports a smooth VR viewing experience. It is highly effective in finding those apps from the Play Store that are compatible with the Cardboard viewer. However, the app may not work properly if you use it while walking or driving. Activity may create disorientation and distraction in your viewing experience on the Cardboard viewer.

Ease of use —

The Cardboard app is very simple to use on your mobile device while it is connected to the viewer. It enhances your experience of using the VR headset through your smartphone.


Usefulness —

Whether you wish to have an extraordinary VR experience of playing a game or watching a YouTube video on the Cardboard viewer, this supporting app can find the right stuff per your interests. It makes you discover a variety ofCardboard viewer-compatible apps like Proton Plus 3D and Tiltbrush 3D. You can now find anything in virtual reality that interests you. You may try several demos included in the app, such as Google Earth, YouTube, Tour Guide, Exhibit, Windy Day and Photo Sphere. Whether you wish to watch videos on a huge screen or fly anywhere on Google Earth, this app can help you with all. It not only finds interesting Cardboard apps, but also launches these apps and sets up/alters VR viewers.

Value for money –

The Cardboard app is a free service that offers good value for money if you have already purchased the Cardboard viewer. Otherwise, you can purchase the viewer at a nominal price and make use of this high-performance app.


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