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Dark Sky app – Review

The Dark Sky Company has come up with an updated weather app that can make all types of weather predictions important to you. The Dark Sky app is powered by a specially designed weather service known as Forecast.

Appearance –

The Dark Sky app has a classic and elegant design that is very neat and tidy in appearance. It has a great user interface that has no complexities involved for a user. The app displays weather conditions or factors in a very organized manner. It displays clear and crisp graphics that are easy to comprehend. You can witness smooth map simulations whenever you want to watch a specific weather pattern. Overall, the app looks stylish for modern-day users who need accurate and quick information at all times.

Performance —

This app is compatible with all Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad. Dark Sky makes a variety of weather predictions using a specialized technology that lets it display highly precise results. Depending on your location, it can provide exact details of when it would rain or snow. The app performs wonderfully even when you require down-to-the-minute information about the weather at your place.

Ease of use —

It is very easy to use Dark Sky. On the tap of a button, you can receive amazing weather visualizations in simple formats. Whether you want to have a look at the detailed outlook of weather conditions on the coming day or wish to check the day-by-day summary for a future week, Dark Skyprovides quick and easy information at any time and place.


Usefulness —

With Dark Sky, you can accurately check the temperature, sky, wind conditions and possibilities of rain or snow at your place. This app is of great use when there is soon likely to be a storm or snowfall. It can track your current location and update you even if you have not used the app for a long time. This is actually your personal weather station that keeps you alert for any adverse weather condition and gives you time to escape if your location is expecting bad weather. The app allows you to check a detailed breakdown of weather in your area on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, along with latest weather conditions.

Value for money –

The Dark Skyupdate costs you around $4, which is slightly expensive. However, it offers decent value for moneyif we consider the quality of this updated app.


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