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Peak app – Review

Peak is a brain-training app offered by Brainbow Limited. This app helps you sharpen your mind by improving your cognitive skills. Check out what this app is all about.

Appearance –

The Peak app really takes you on a peak with its wonderful mind games. This personalized mind trainer has been designed in consultation with neuroscience and gaming experts. It has fun games that train your brain on multiple factors, including problem solving skills, focus, memory, linguistic skills and mental agility. The games on this app provide a challenge at every step and motivate you to reach your goals. There is a decent database of cognitive games on this app and one new game is added each month. The statistics related to your performance are also visualized in a catchy format.

Performance —

This self-improvement app is compatible with all Apple devices that run iOS 7.0 or later. It runs efficiently and smoothly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Peak has been optimized for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus. The app has been designed to display six personalized games on a daily basis. Since these custom games are selected per your progress and performance, you experience a positive change over time if you keep meeting your goals. Overall, the app performs nicely when you play bite-size games or when it tracks and displays your data.

Ease of use —

The app has a simple users interface and you can easily play mind games on it. It also displays your goals and performance in easy-to-understand formats and graphics.


Usefulness —

Peak is highly beneficial when you want to develop a healthy mind and healthy habits. Since it is a mobile app, you do not need to play mind games for hours on your computer. You can exercise your brain anywhere, anytime. Games in the app are scientifically researched to increase your cognitive skill levels. Peak motivates you by awarding some Peak points that can also be compared with other players of your age group and profession. This creates a sense of competition that helps you improve. It is a kind of mind gym where you make improvement in your rank against others by motivating yourself.

Value for money –

Since Peak is a free app, it offers full value for money. You might not find a high-performance mind-training app for free usage.


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