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Yik Yak app – Review

Yik Yak, Inc. has introduced an app that makes you aware of conversations taking place around you. The Yik Yak app gives you a record of what nearby people and communities have been discussing.

Appearance –

The Yik Yak app is designed in a very simple manner. There are no funky looks, styles or icons to attract people. Yet, it seems appealing when users are interested in getting involved in some chitchat going on around them. There are options to display your custom news feed in New and Hot sections. You can check the live feed for all the latest posts (Yaks) or for those posts that have been rated hot by other users.

The hot rating is given by tapping on the Upvote button. On the other hand, a not-so-good Yak can also be rated by tapping on the Downvote button. Thus, the hottest Yak is basically the one that people like the most. The Yik Yak app has another feature called Peek. This can make you peek into the conversations taking place in other communities.

Performance —

This app is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Yik Yak works by determining your location and then categorizing you into groups of 1.5-mile radius zone. To avoid cyber-bullying, the app uses geofencing technology that fences off some areas using GPS. However, it still may not ensure complete security.

Ease of use —

Yik Yak is very simple to use. You only need to provide your phone number to it and you are all set to take part in conversations without revealing your identity. You can post your own Yak on this platform by just typing it and tapping a button. Thus, it is easy to start a conversation or take part in it.


Usefulness —

If you really want to do some time pass and converse anonymously with people around you, then this app is made for you. It manages your privacy while allowing you to read what others around you want to say. You can get a curated content feed of conversations that are featured. When you post interesting Yaks, the app awards you with Yakarma points. Thus, it is a motivating way of getting people involved in community talks on almost any topic. However, not everybody may find this app fun.

Value for money –

While it is a free app, it is not suitable for all types of users and does not offer much value.


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