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Can Apple continue to dominate the mobile technology market?

The mobile sector is probably the most crowded industry in the world today. We cannot think of a day without dependence of our mobile devices and it is almost such that we are helpless at the convenience provided by technology. In such a crowded market, Apple has kept itself a mark above other players with its significant attention to detail and an extravagant & ‘exclusive’ branding that has not quite been captured by any other mobile provider in the market today.


The iOS advantage

Yes, there are going to be negations about the iOS and every Android lover would have the same apprehension, but the fact of the matter is that Apple is in demand. And iOS very much in a dominant position in the market. So much that it is pinned to be the future of mobile technology in many fronts.

It just is not about using your mobile to make regular mobile tasks any more. Several companies offer phones that are cheaper in comparison and run on Android (let’s not forget – holds 71% market share in the smart phone category), Windows or other operating systems.

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Life beyond hardware

Today, it seems Apple is gradually distancing itself from being a ‘hardware’ provider. While the iPhone, launched in 2007, does constitute for 50% of the company’s revenues – the company is unwilling to continue banking on it. Apple has created an ecosystem for the future of mobile technology; there is data, services, tie-ups with service providers, music and an endless list of options that ties you down to the platform. Many users of the iPhone continue with the renewing models because of the ecosystem and the fact that it is a comfortable switch as an interface and usability. You have seamless upgrade options thanks to iCloud and iTunes today and this makes it really easy in comparison to an Android device upgrades.

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With the latest iOS 8, Apple brought in the Health app bundled in it. Users add in their vital information and quite significantly tie themselves down to the brand; giving Apple a stronger foothold in the software services market.

iWatch is a similar step to ensure Apple are the future in the mobile space. The device would help in bridging the gap between using credit cards online with a simple tap on the mobile wallet (available on iPhone too). Health and fitness details can be entered with the iWatch, and even mails that you start with on an iPhone, can be completed later on your Mac too – that is the benefit of convenience built on one ecosystem.

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Apple has a huge advantage with the partners they have today. In 2007, when the iPhone was launched, there were no third party applications. Today, the iWatch would have third party apps right from the word go – imagine the development opportunity here. Thus, added expansions in retail, banking, online buying and many more venues open up almost immediately and all of that does one thing in the end – keep the user glued to an Apple device. As of today, MasterCard, Visa and a host of other retailers are already on board for a new payment system.

Apple has definitely touched the consumer to make the next ‘sync’ with another Apple device or iTunes account. Mobile technology, as suggested by Apple, would bridge huge gaps in daily living; thus making it one of the strongest players in the future of mobile technology.


With more people accepting the inter-connected system within an Apple device, there is so much more that you can do within a single device. This makes the window of possibilities immense and far stronger than any other mobile provider in the market today.

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