Boston Acoustics Voyager Series speakers for great outdoor fun

Boston Acoustics, one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing high quality audio speakers has made five new additions to their collection of highly applauded “voyager series” of outdoor speakers. The new models are capable of giving flawless audio performance even in outside environment and can adapt themselves easily in the harshest weather and temperature conditions. The new models will hit the market in September 2011 and includes voyager 40, voyager 50, voyager 60, voyager 7.0. and also Metro-II stereo speaker.

Play smart anywhere

Voyager series is truly compatible with outside environments as they feature rust-resistant hardware and water-proof durable body .These models are built not only according to outdoor locations but are also highly adaptable for indoor use as they can be easily mounted inside a house, by a pool, under a sail or in any other outdoor settings and are also suitable for commercial applications like a restaurant or fitness center.

More sound, less space

Voyager Metro-II stereo speaker is capable of delivering amazing sound quality even in outdoor locations with limited space as it plays great stereo sound from a single speaker enclosure .

What it means to be from Boston

Each component is designed keeping in mind the expectations of the customer and also to meet the highest performance standards. Like all other products from Boston Acoustics the “Voyager series” also possess some features which distinguish them from others and maximize the overall sound quality.

High points

1) The voyager series possess highly durable weather-proof construction so that it can be mounted outdoors and it will withstand worst weather conditions to give a flawless high quality sound and also its special acoustical voicing allows excellent performance in open air environments.

2) To deliver great sound quality “voyager series “features a big woofer for warm highs and lows.

3) Voyager series also features a patented 1″ Kortec dome tweeter for crystalline high frequency sounds. Kortec is a material consisting of multiple layers that allows them to deliver smooth highs without any unwanted resonance and also power handling up to 125 watts for big sounds.

4) It also houses “propylene cabinet” which makes the voyager speakers resistant to damage from moisture and ultra-voilet light and, all the internal parts are sealed and gasketed.

5) Recommended amplifier power ranges from 15-150 watts depending upon the voyager model. DCD (Deep channel driver) design is used which enhances the output without bottoming.

6) Makes mounting easy as it consists of wedge shaped design and also includes adjustable heavy duty aluminum brackets so that you can direct the sound to the desired listening area.

High quality speakers at best prices

If you are a music-addict and love to enjoy music outdoors so no matter where you are whether it be a patio, under a sail, poolside or in a deck, Boston’s voyagers are just what you need. Voyagers have everything look, style, quality and also the faith of Boston. The speakers range between:

Voyager 40 2-Way 4-1/2″ $279.99/pair

Voyager 50 2-Way 5-1/4″ $399.99/pair

Voyager 60 2-Way 6-1/2″ $499.99/pair

Voyager 70 2-Way 7-1/2″ $749.99/pair

Metro II Stereo 6-1/2″ $399.99/each

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