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ShortPixel website optimizer
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The loading time of any page or website plays a vital role in traffic generation. In fact, this is one of the major factors that determine the experience a visitor has. When you look at the ranking factor, the loading time is very important. As per statics, close to 40% websites that have a long loading time tend to lose out on 40% of the traffic that comes in. One of the major reasons why this happens is due to the images that are there on the website. Well, in order to take care of this problem, tools like ShortPixel Website Optimizer can be really helpful. 

What is ShortPixel Website Optimizer?

ShortPixel website optimizerImage Source : shortpixel.com

ShortPixel is one of the most popular plugin on WordPress that is used to compress any sized image. Through this plugin, you can optimize the loading time of your website without compromising on image quality.

You can use Image Optimization and Compression Plugin by ShortPixel with various formats like PDF, GIF, JPG and PNG. Moreover, this plugin does not have any size restrictions. This is why, it is one of the best WordPress plugins you can consider when you want to optimize your website.

Features of ShortPixel Website Optimizer

The features of any plugin play a vital role when you want to optimize your website. If you are looking to boost your website with Shortpixel image optimization tool; here are some of the features that helps you to get the desired results

The ability to choose the type and level of compression

With the help of ShortPixel Website Optimizer, you have the freedom to choose the image compression level. This is because; the ShortPixel Plugin offers two main compression types. They are

  • Lossless – This means that the image will be reduced a bit but there is no prominent loss in the quality of the picture.
  • Loosy – This is ideal for larger files although the image quality may reduce a bit after the reduction.

A review on Shortpixel plugin’s server storage feature

ShortPixel website optimizerImage Source : shortpixel.com

ShortPixel has its own designated server which can be used for image optimization. The API used helps to save time while optimizing any image. Furthermore, you can save and prevent wastage of your own server’s resources while focusing on website optimization at the same time.

The bulk image optimizing feature of ShortPixel Website Optimizer

For professionals who have to use large numbers of images during the day, the Image Optimization and Compression Plugin by ShortPixel is indeed a tool that you should have. One of the benefits of using this tool is that it comes with a bulk image optimization option. This is ideal when you want to reduce the size of the images on your existing blog.

Saves efforts of resizing and manual adjustments

Resizing and manual adjustments can take a lot of time and energy. The ShortPixel Website Optimizer plugin comes with a special feature that resizes the image dimensions automatically. This helps you to save your time and energy of doing things manually.

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Compare versions to choose the best

ShortPixel website optimizerImage Source : shortpixel.com

In order to boost your website with Shortpixel image optimization tool, choosing the right picture or image is really important. One of the features that come with this plugin helps you to compare the compressed images with the original one. This helps you to understand how much image quality is lost due to the compression.

Setting up ShortPixel Website Optimizer

The next thing we will look at in this review on shortpixel plugin is the installation procedure. Although this is a free plugin on WordPress, you would need to follow the installation process because of the API feature. This is because, in order to use all the features of the plugin, you would need an API Key. You can obtain this key by requesting for one from the settings option.

Configuration of the ShortPixel Website Optimizer

In order to use the Image Optimization and Compression Plugin by ShortPixel you would need to customize the settings and add the API Key. While configuring the settings, pay close attention to the details. Right from choosing the compression type to even deciding smaller choices, every setting on its own is important. The configuration option allows you to

  • Include thumbnails
  • Backup images
  • Remove the EXIF image tag (if you want to)

User friendly platform that guides as well

ShortPixel website optimizerImage Source : shortpixel.com

For people who are well versed with technical knowledge, using any tool is not difficult. All they need to do is spend a few hours to understand the technical aspect of any tool. However, for a nontechnical person, this can be a challenge. Shortpixel is designed keeping in mind the fact that even people with low to no technical knowledge may use this plugin.

For example

Sometimes we tend to select low values thinking that it would be helpful for optimizing our image. Just in case this happens, you will receive a notification or alert with the necessary directions. Through this popup window, you will easily get to know where you are going wrong and how to correct it.

Different plans to suit your need

ShortPixel offers a wide range of plans based on the usage of a person. For serious bloggers or those who have a high usage of images, they can opt for the professional plan. If you are a newbie or hardly use images, then you can surely try the free plan to understand how it works.

Advanced settings offered by ShortPixel Website Optimizer

Another feature that is worth highlighting is the advanced setting option. In fact, this is one of the best features to use if you want to

  • Convert images from and to JPEG and PNG
  • Using WebP images for your website
  • Optimization of Retina images is also possible through ShortPixel
  • Customize the optimization settings if you want certain images to be excluded

A final note

The ability to boost your website with Shortpixel image optimization tool is one of the best choices and decisions you can make. For any website to generate traffic, it is essential to ensure that there are no compromises are made on the loading time. Weather it is on the desktop or mobile, it is very important to ensure that you optimize your website accordingly.

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