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Best technology or apps that make sex hotter

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The Oculus Rift Sex stimulator

The oculus rift stimulator is a gadget that consists of a tube and a headset. It is more or less like a robot that can give you a great hand blow job when you need it. Are wives scared now??

Give it a try and you will simply love it.


The his and hers teledildonics

Now you or your partner does not need to worry that you stay far apart from each other. The teledildonics is a great sex toy that can be connected by the help of the internet and it can also help to replicate the actions of your partner on your device. This is a great device for both of you to have great sex even when you are apart from each other. However, you need to be careful that someone else is not watching you!!!


Super vibrators with your fingers

How would you feel if your fingers suddenly were converted into a vibrator? Now dreams have become realities. The hello touch wearable finger vibrator easily fits like a glove and also helps to place motoring tips on your fingers. So you would just be about to arouse him at any point of time sitting in your favorite couch or the bed, by wearing that vibrator.

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The Android application

The Sexy Android application helps you to get pleasure out of your phone instead of using it like a device. The sexy vibes help you to get aroused and have sex with a flashlight which is attached to your phone like a device.


The Google glass sex application

Would you like to see yourself while you are in the act of making love? The Google glass application helps you to stare at yourself while you are having sex with your partner. If both of you wear Google glasses on your eyes and would be able to experience watching yourself in the other persons glass.

Try out these different kinds of sex devices that would help you to have a great steamy night in bed every day.


Sex always makes people smile. Would you like to know some great sex equipments created by our technology of today that would make you smile even more?

Here are some great technological gadgets that have been created by our experts for us to have a great sex life.

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