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Beeminder – Review

Beeminder Inc has come up with a unique productivity app called Beeminder. This app reminds you of your goals and may sting on your money if you do not stay on the right track to achieve those goals. Check out more about it.

Appearance –

Beeminder is a simple-looking app that charts out a path for any goal you set for yourself. Whether you wish to follow an exercise routine to reduce your weight or cover a set distance every day while running, this app can create a nice graph for you. This graph defines an ideal path that you must follow to achieve your goals on a regular basis. This path is drawn on a wide road (Yellow Brick Road) and you need to pay a penalty if you drift away from this road. While you work on your goals, the app prompts you to report relevant data. Based on this data, it plots your progress on the designed road. While your data points remain on the road, you can use this app for free. Else, you will be charged a set fee to proceed. Overall, the concept and appearance of this app is nicely designed and displayed.

Performance —

The app runs smoothly on all your gadgets, including Apple and Android devices.With an amazing user interface, Beeminder works efficiently when you self-track your goals and follow commitment contracts to pay on the non-achievement of goals. While the app allows you to self-control, it also makes this control flexible. When you need to report data to this app, you may also connect it with a service like RescueTime and Fitbit.Beeminder picks up the required data from these services in an effective manner.

Ease of use —

It is not very complex to use Beeminder. You only need to set goals and report the required data regularly. The app does the rest for you and keeps you reminded of your goals and progress. However, some users may find it confusing to report data or track graphical performance.

Usefulness —

The Beeminder app is beneficial for those users who are determined to perform certain tasks and wish to track their performance while achieving thegoalsrelated to those tasks. You may set goals for any quantifiable task. For example, you may set productivity goals while you work on an office project or you may set learning goals while you start studying your textbook. Many people may also like to use this app for tracking their weight loss or finance management goals.

Value for money –

If you keep on achieving your goals in the right way, then you can keep using this app for free. Else, you need to pay $5 when you first drift from the graphed road and then a certain sum every time you drift away from the track. Thus, it is a unique way to use this app. For serious users, it is a good value-for-money app.

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